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Evan Rachel Wood on ‘Into the Forest’: ‘This Is a Film About Women, Not ‘Strong’ Women’

Ellen Page Evan Rachel Wood
John Salangsang/Variety/REX/Shutterstock

Ellen Page, Evan Rachel Wood and Max Minghella all described “Into the Forest” as “gritty and intense.”

Page, who served as a producer for the film, told Variety at the movie’s Los Angeles premiere that she was captivated by Jean Hegland’s book of the same name because it begged her to question people’s relationships with the world.

“The book encompassed a lot of the things I was thinking about at the time, of one’s relationship to the environment. It was a beautiful, compelling, scary story,” Page said.

The film centers on two sisters (Page and Wood) who face a devastating — in all sense of the word — power outage, and fight to survive in the film. Wood says that she doesn’t just view this film as one with strong female leads.

“People keep saying to me, ‘Wow it’s so amazing to see a film with strong women.’ But that’s how I know women. This is a film about women, not ‘strong’ women,” Wood said.

Minghella, who plays Page’s boyfriend in the film, also addressed the film’s gender roles. He shared how enjoyable it was for him to take part in the feature’s role reversal.

“I’m essentially the ‘girlfriend’ part, traditionally we’re used to seeing female characters support male leads, and I thought it was very fun to be the damsel in distress. It was very realistic to how I view the world,” Minghella said.

“Into the Forest” will be available on DirectTV on June 23 and in theaters on July 29.