Hell or High Water” follows two brothers — played by Chris Pine and Ben Foster — who embark on a treacherous quest to take care of their family through a series of bank heists. Pine had previously starred alongside Foster in “The Finest Hours,” which hit theaters earlier this year. But the two roles could not have been more different, including the vastly different landscape of the films.

“It’s a completely different film, I don’t know where to start!” Pine said Wednesday night at the movie’s Los Angeles premiere at the ArcLight Cinema Dome. “It’s a whole different criteria to work with. In ‘The Finest Hours’ we played adversaries, in a way, and in this one we play brothers with a long history. So it was a completely different dynamic.”

According to Pine, the Neo-Western reflects on the nature of man, which is what ultimately attracted him to the film.

“It’s about the failure of men to be intimate and vulnerable when they desperately want to be. But they just don’t have the language or the facility to do so. That was the big draw for me,” Pine said. “To hear the voices that kind of congress together and see how it depicts people’s anger and frustration is very illuminating for me and powerful for the social conversation.”

Still, touching upon vulnerability and intimacy among men wasn’t the hardest part of the film for Pine. It boiled down to staying true to the script, penned by Taylor Sheridan.

“It was really well formed on the page and we had an incredible director so it was a prayer that we would maintain the magic on the page,” Pine added.

Director David Mackenzie, and stars Foster, Jeff Bridges, and Gil Birmingham also attended the premiere.