The sophomore season of the dark family drama “Bloodline,” premiering Friday on Netflix, will hit the ground running, according to star Sissy Spacek. “This season starts and it doesn’t let up. It moves fast,” Spacek told Variety on Tuesday at the season two premiere at the Landmark Regent in Los Angeles.

The drama, created by Todd A. Kessler, Glenn Kessler and Daniel Zelman, follows the troubled, dysfunctional Rayburn family as they struggle to face the demons of their past following the death of their brother/son Danny. The wild events of season one fracture the Rayburns’ once tight-knit family dynamic, leaving the siblings at odds with each other in season two.

“The remaining siblings are trying to deal with what’s happened,” Linda Cardellini, who stars as Meg Rayburn, said of the second season. “They’re in survival mode.”

Kyle Chandler, starring as detective John Rayburn, commended the series’ “fly on the wall aspect,” adding, “It’s not just what’s written or what’s said; it’s just as much the silence in between the lines and what’s not said as a way of telling the story. The audience gets a chance to live with the characters more that way.”

“Bloodline” cast members Jacinda Barrett, John Leguizamo, Andrea Riseborough and Beau Bridges celebrated the premiere with Sony Pictures Television chairman Steve Mosko and Netflix’s vice president for original content Cindy Holland.

“Bloodline” premieres May 27 on Netflix.