With VH1’s brand marked mostly by reality TV like “Love & Hip Hop” and scripted fare like “Hit the Floor,” where does “Barely Famous” fit in?

Last night in West Hollywood celebrating the upcoming season two premiere, creators/stars Erin and Sara Foster (the daughters of record producer David Foster) admitted their parody show is a tough one to describe. “Our show is a ton of improv and we have script-ments, we create outlines for storylines and then we improvise everything in between,” Erin said. “So it’s kind of a ‘Curb’-style, ‘Comeback’-style mixed in there.”

One thing the sisters learned after the first season, according to Sara Foster, is that, in terms of the actual producing of the show, “winging it doesn’t work.” That said, Erin added you also have to go with the flow. “People cancel the day of and the week of and you have to go ‘Okay, I saw this role being this person, they are no longer available, I’m going to completely restructure it to be someone else.'”

Jill Holmes, SVP of West Coast production and development for VH1, explained that celebrities are more apt to do the show now that they understand what it is. “All the celebs come to play because they’re true friends of Erin and Sara so it really is a place where they can try something different and get to do something they don’t normally get to do.”

Season two cameos include Chelsea Handler, Dr. Phil, Chris Martin, Jessica Alba and Kate Upton.

Season two of “Barely Famous” premieres June 29 at 10 p.m. on VH1.