United Talent Agency offices around the world shut down on Friday, as the company celebrated its Project Impact week.

Founded five years ago under the direction of the UTA Foundation, Project Impact is a week-long effort where employees go out into the community. Or, as UTA CEO Jeremy Zimmer said, “We put our time and feet where our money and our mouth is.” On Friday, the project reached 30 different organizations in various cities across the globe including Los Angeles, New York, Miami, Toronto and London.

“In addition to continuing to donate to different projects around Los Angeles, we wanted to create an opportunity for our colleagues to experience really getting involved,” Zimmer said. “It’s a small thing to donate a day a year to really get out there into the community and engage with the people who are beneficiaries to some of our charitable efforts.”

Zimmer joined agents, execs, assistants and other staffers from the Beverly Hills office to spend three hours at Heart of Los Angeles, an organization that provides programs in academics, arts and athletics to underserved youth. UTA has partnered with them in the past for holiday campaigns, employee volunteering and other charitable initiatives.

“If you live in a city like Los Angeles, it’s a great city, but you can’t help but be aware of the people who have fewer opportunities,” said Zimmer. “You can’t help but wonder how you can help, and what you can do to change it.”

The philanthropic week included a makeover of Los Angeles’ Covenant House, ecosystem restoration at Riverside Park in New York, and food sorting of donated items at the Daily Bread Food Bank in Toronto. UTA also held its summer fundraiser on Wednesday.

The CEO added, “You walk around and you look at all these kids and they have so much light and so much enthusiasm and so much excitement in their hearts. You want to create a world where that light doesn’t get extinguished.”

(Pictured: UTA CEO Jeremy Zimmer and Tony Brown, Heart of Los Angeles Executive Director)

UTA CEO Jeremy Zimmer at Heart of Los Angeles David Buchan/Variety/REX/Shutterstock