This week Uber will introduce its wildly popular transportation services to the airways of Park City, Utah.

The rideshare company will collaborate with aircraft manufacturer Airbus Group SE to offer Sundance Film Festival attendees helicopter rides between the Salt Lake City Airport and a landing pad stationed in Park City. For the cost of $200 per person during the day or $300 per person at night, Sundance guests can swap festival traffic for a scenic, 15-minute helicopter journey. The service will be available to any Uber users who will be in the area during the festival and helicopter lifts can be hailed using Uber’s mobile app, similar to the process of requesting an Uber car ride. The fee will also include Uber SUV service to and from the helicopter landing pads.

Uber has tested its helicopter services in the past, offering lifts between New York City and East Hampton before the Fourth of July in 2013 and between San Diego and the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival last April.

Sundance Film Festival runs from Jan. 21 to 31.