Jon Stewart had his team of correspondents on Comedy Central’s “The Daily Show.” Trevor Noah has his on his edition of the program. And soon,  if she gets her wish, Samantha Bee may get a pack to accompany her on her TBS program,”Full Frontal.”

“We are trying to map that out for ourselves” and “see how that will serve the show,” said Bee, holding forth with executive producer Jo Miller at a Tuesday-night session that was part of the Tribeca Film Festival. The pair indicated they were very open to developing new voices on the comedy program. In one recent episode, one of the show’s writers, Ashley Black, discussed how white people had tarnished Black History Month.

Bee and Miller also opened up about many aspects of the program:

*The opening theme, Peaches’ “Boys Want To Be Her,” was selected by Bee and obtained by direct messaging the singer on Twitter.

*Her wardrobe, which relies heavily on what the comedienne called “power blazers,” is much preferable to a dress, which Bee tried during one test episode. Her high heels punctured the floor, she said.

*Bee tries to be very open with people who appear in her field pieces, letting them know the format of the program on which they will appear. And she tries to let them get their point of view across in the finished segment.

*Staffers fully intend to take “Full Frontal” to the coming political conventions, Bee and Miller said. All the hotels around the events are booked, so “we are going to be living in a Winnebago in a Walmart parking lot,” said Bee.

The show was recently extended by TBS from 13 episodes to 39, an order that will take it through the end of 2016. Bee said she has little desire to the show more frequently than once a week. “Doing field pieces is extremely important to me,” she noted, and some of them require long lead times. Bee has traveled to Jordan for the show, and another recent report, which looked at an eagle mascot used by the NRA, required lots of time to button up legal aspects, she said.