One Mississippi” may be set in creator Tig Notaro’s sleepy southern hometown, but the premiere of the new Amazon scripted series was well underway across the country in Los Angeles.

Stars including Notaro, Casey Wilson, Diablo Cody and John Rothman graced the red carpet at The London in West Hollywood on Tuesday evening. The series, which released its pilot in November 2015, deals with the sudden loss of Notaro’s mother as she returns to her hometown to deal with the tragedy as well as other demons in Notaro’s life.

Cody stated that she became involved after a surprise phone call from producer Louis C.K.

“He had been talking about influences for the show, she had mentioned ‘Young Adult’ which was a movie I had done a few years back,” Cody said. “We wrote the pilot together, and I’m just producing now, but I’m really proud of [Notaro] and the project.”

Wilson, who plays Notaro’s girlfriend, Brooke, noted her character’s selfishness, an attribute that differs greatly with Wilson’s personality.

“[Brooke] is selfish, but she’s trying to be supportive of Tig during her time of need,” Wilson said. “She’s one of those typical L.A. people trying to better themselves through wellness, but doesn’t realize how selfish she is.”

Notaro arrived arm-in-arm with spouse Stephanie Allynne, who also has an acting role in the series. Notaro stated that, although “One Mississippi” is based on her life, there are still many aspects of her life that remain a mystery to the public.

“I used the pilot as a jumping-off point to touch on other real parts of my life and fictionalize a lot of it,” Notaro said. “People think they know my story, but they don’t know where it’s going to go.”

As guests settled into the screening room for the show’s first public viewing, Notaro emphasized that the project is the result of many years of hard work and dedication. Right before the screening began, Notaro had a few words of wisdom for those who don’t appreciate the show’s worth.

“If you don’t like it, you’re wrong,” Notaro joked.