Here’s everything you wanted to know about the Met Gala, but were afraid someone would judge you for asking.

Who is Anna Wintour?
Editor-in-chief of Vogue, artistic director for Conde Nast and the inspiration for Meryl Streep’s character in “The Devil Wears Prada.”

What is that new documentary produced by Conde Nast Entertainment that’s sort of like an advertisement for Vogue, but is actually about the Met Gala?
“The First Monday in May,” directed by Andrew Rossi, now playing in theaters.

What’s it about?
Shot at last year’s gala, the film follows Anna Wintour Costume Center curator Andrew Bolton as he works with the team at Vogue to prepare for last year’s Met Gala, and corresponding exhibit, “China Through the Looking Glass,” at the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

Is it true the film shows Anna Wintour in jeans?

The theme of the Met Gala this year is “Manus x Machina: Fashion in the Age of Technology,” is that like FitBits?
Sort of! But fashion people won’t talk to you if you wear a FitBit.

“Manus x Machina,” opening May 3 at the Met, explores the relationship between hand-made and man-made fashion, which now includes laser cutting, computer modeling and 3D printing.

Is there a good documentary I can watch about fast-fashion?
Yes. “True Cost,” by director Andrew Morgan.

Why does everyone call the Met Gala the Oscars of the East Coast?
Because there is a red carpet on the East Coast with the 600 hottest celebrities of the year handpicked by Anna Wintour, who reportedly spends $3.2 million on the party.

Who is NOT going this year?
Tom Brady and Gisele Bundchen — she’s headed to Cuba.

When did the Met Gala start?
In 1948 by publicist Eleanor Lambert, but has only come into its current incarnation in the last decade under Wintour’s watchful eye.

Are there any past controversies?
Yes! Two years ago Anna demanded everyone wear white-tie to the consternation of many, who didn’t know what that was. And last year, Jay Z and Solange Knowles got into a fight in the elevator at the Standard’s Boom Boom Room, which may have been about “Becky With the Good Hair” — now made famous by Beyonce’s “Lemonade.”

Should I care?
No. But the outfits are fun, and all the good TV is on Sunday nights.