Proving the international nature of the Golden Globes the BAFTA/LA tea party at the Four Seasons on Saturday drew a crowd from Australian Cate Blanchett to Austrian Christoph Waltz, besides of course Americans and Brits.

BAFTA/LA chief exec Chantal Rickards thought the party was a hit. “I think so, it’s looking like a success so far. I’m not looking forward to the washing up,” she joked. “But otherwise I think it’s going to be great. We never know who’s going to come. We have this fantastic list and those people come, but then they bring other people.”

BAFTA/LA’s Kieran Breen and Peter Morris were pleased the rain held off.

Although Harvey Weinstein wasn’t stopping for interviews, Brie Larson and Saoirse Ronan performed an impromptu jig while Leonardo DiCaprio posed for photos with guests and Mark Ruffalo was told by a guest that he’d voted for the “Spotlight” actor.

Larson said she and her co-star Jacob Tremblay are enjoying awards season together. “We laugh and laugh,” she said, although she added that she’s afraid of getting pink eye from all the handshakes.

Aaron Sorkin was taking congrats for “Steve Jobs.” The reason it struck a chord, he said, is because “First of all they got a different look at a person they only know from a couple of devices that they’ve got,” he said. “The other is it’s about fathers and daughters, it’s about friendships and I think everyone can relate to that.”

Ashok Amritraj, one of the producers behind “99 Homes,” said, “We’ve had a good run. It’s Michael Shannon’s nomination, but I hope he’ll win.” Shannon said hearing his work praised was always wonderful, “But you have to stay mellow. Don’t get too hung up on whether you win or lose.”

Chris Meledandri deflected questions about whether he’d give a speech in Minion language should his film win. But he did add, “Pierre Coffin, our director, he swears Minion speak is just stream of consciousness. I think that he has secretly written another language and that he’s planning to utilize it at some point to take over the world. So then the Minions will be ruling us.”

“The Big Short” producer Dede Gardner was surprised and delighted about the nominations but said, “My hope, my first wish is that people see the movie.”

The small-screen side of the Golden Globes was well repped from Jeffrey Tambor of “Transparent” to Priyanka Chopra of “Quantico.”

Joanne Froggatt of “Downton Abbey” diplomatically said in the final season, “There’s some ups and downs still. There’s some happy times coming their way and also some not-so-happy times.”

“Outlander’s” Lotte Verbeek was enjoying the awards season, although she’s been here before. “I would say for everybody it’s just such a great time to really enjoy the fruits of all of our work. You know it’s a tough industry in so many ways for everybody involved and just a time for celebration. And I think we should cherish that.”