There were definitely no angry faces at the premiere of “The Angry Birds Movie,” and how could there be? Bill Hader, Josh Gad, Tony Hale and Jason Sudeikis celebrated the film’s debut on Saturday with a carnival complete with games, rides and a petting zoo. The fun-filled family day wouldn’t be complete without lots of food: burgers, cupcakes … you name it. Before the cast and filmmakers could enjoy the street fair, they flocked to the Regency Theater in Westwood to debut the feature.

It’s been several years since the Finnish game “Angry Birds” from Rovio Entertainment hit the market and skyrocketed in popularity. Producer John Cohen, who is a huge fan of the games, said he didn’t see the time gap as a deterrent.

“My favorite quote right now is actually from Variety‘s review, and it sums it up — we wanted to make a great movie. It takes a few years to really make a good movie and we didn’t want to do it until we knew we had a great story,” said Cohen.

The fact that the game has been downloaded by more than three million people was a huge push for making the film. Audiences already know the basic premise of the game, which simulates enraged birds that have a penchant for destroying the abodes of pigs.

“Beyond that, not a lot had been devised. So for us it was an opportunity to tell a story, so this film is the origin story between the birds and the green piggies,” Cohen added.

Gad, who plays Chuck, is no stranger to voicing an animated character. However, his new undertaking is quite different from his beloved “Frozen” snowman.

“Olaf is like a 5-year-old, he has a lot of naïveté. Chuck is the opposite of the spectrum. He’s a speed demon!” he detailed.

Gad said that his favorite part of this project was working with an incredible cast, which was led by Sudeikis’ character, Red. The film was directed by animation vets Fergal Reilly and Clay Kaytis.

“The most fun is getting to see how it all comes together,” added Sudeikis. “I didn’t do any of my scenes with Josh or Bill or Danny, and to see it sound like we’re all in the same room is pretty darn impressive.”

“Angry Birds” also features the voices of Maya Rudolph, Titus Burgess, Kate McKinnon, Danny McBride, Peter Dinklage, Keegan-Michael Key, Sean Penn, Jillian Bell, Ike Barinholtz and Billy Eichner.

“Angry Birds” lands in theaters on May 20.