Music streaming service Spotify has acquired two startups to add to its product efforts: The company announced Wednesday that it has acquired New York-based The Cord Project, a startup that has built a variety of audio messaging apps, as well as Dublin-based music discovery startup Soundwave.

The Cord project is best known for Cord, an app that allows users to record up to 12 second long audio messages and then share them with their friends – a kind of chat or messaging app, but focused on audio instead of text messages. The Cord team will join Spotify’s new York office, where they will be forming a product group “focused on creating compelling content experiences,” as a news release vaguely put it.

Soundwave has built something that seems a bit more applicable to Spotify’s core products: The startup has built an app that adds a social element to music listening, keeping tracks of the songs that friends and celebrities have played.

Financial details of the two deals weren’t disclosed. Asked whether Spotify aims to keep Soundwave’s music discovery app as well as the Cord Project’s various apps up and running, a spokesperson answered that “Spotify is evaluating next steps but has nothing to announce right now.” Then again, it’s hard to envision that Spotify would support a separate audio messaging app, or a discovery app that takes users out of the core Spotify experience, for more than a few months.