Rage Against the Machine launched a new Website, www.prophetsofrage.com, on Tuesday night that features a clock counting down to June 1. The site is back up after crashing on Wednesday morning.

Fans have flooded to the site to enter their email addresses, and received an email displaying a logo with the phrase “Clear the way for the prophets of rage,” a line from hip-hop group Public Enemy’s 1988 track “Prophets of Rage.” The message also read “The Party’s Over Summer 2016” with the hashtag “TakeThePowerBack,” a reference to a Rage Against the Machine song of the same name.

On Monday, fans began tweeting images of the new logo after it appeared mysteriously around Los Angeles. The band has yet to reveal what the site or the clock represents, but this is their first time collaborating on a project as a group since their split in 2011.

Some fans began speculating that the group might be teaming up with Public Enemy after the rap group’s frontman Chuck D began posting links to Rage Against the Machine’s live performances this week. Despite the group’s silence on future projects, the band’s bassist Tim Commerford told Rolling Stone, “We don’t have anything scheduled right now, but you never know what the future will bring.”

With both Rage Against the Machine and Public Enemy known for their politically charged music, some speculate the 2016 presidential campaign may have laid the groundwork for a collaboration.