Radiohead fans, rejoice! The band’s ninth studio album could be hitting shelves soon, based on its recent business move.

Devoted Radiohead-heads and Redditors discovered that the band had launched a new company, Dawn Chorus LLP, in October of 2015, which could fall into its pattern of creating new ventures before releasing its past two studio albums. Three months prior to the release of 2007’s “In Rainbows,” Radiohead formed Xurbia Xendless Ltd. to distribute it. And ahead of 2011’s “The King of Limbs,” the band created Ticker Tape Ltd.

Thus, if Dawn Chorus was formed in October, the band’s track record would suggest that it’s about time for the new album to drop.

Radiohead, fronted by Thom Yorke, has experimented with unique album release methods in the past. “In Rainbows,” for example, was first released through the band’s website, available to fans on a “pay what you want” model. The band traditionally does not partner with a larger label for promotion and distribution, hence the album-specific companies.

Yorke mentioned in 2009 that the band was working on a song titled “Dawn Chorus.” It’s also the name of a Boards of Canada track from 2002. Radiohead guitarist Jonny Greenwood tweeted in October that “lots” of new material had been recorded for the upcoming collection.

The U.K.-based quintet closed 2015 on a high note as it shared its unreleased “Spectre” theme song, which enjoyed a warm reception. No word yet regarding whether the song will be included on the upcoming album.

(via Pitchfork and Consequence of Sound)