Prince’s Paisley Park will be opening for touring as of Oct. 6, and tickets will go on sale on Aug. 26.

Paisley Park was Prince’s private estate and production complex. The mansion contains living spaces, offices, a performance space and two recording studios. Paisley Park, which was named after Prince’s song of the same name, first started building in 1985 by Bret Thoeny, and took three years to complete.

In an interview with Billboard, Thoeny spoke about designing for the late pop singer.

“He loved pyramids. The glass pyramid marked the entrance to the building, and there were skylight pyramids on top of his office. I think they obviously did more theatrical lighting over the years, but I know the place would light up purple when he had an event there, and they’d put purple lights all around the parameter,” he said.

“Artists weren’t building their own compounds, only large companies and record labels were,” he added. “But Prince, Prince had this vision to have everything under one roof. And this was decades before it was common for any individual to do that.”

Prince was found dead at Paisley Park on April 21. His autopsy was released in June, revealing that the music legend had died of an overdose of fentanyl, a highly addictive opioid 50 times more powerful than heroin. An investigation of his estate found mislabeled pills there that contained the drug.