Gwen Stefani made it into this year’s Grammy telecast in a unique way: Performing a live music video as part of a commercial break sponsored by Target.

The four-minute live music video performance marks a new type of advertising, taking up most of a commercial block during the 58th Annual Grammy Awards. It’s believe to be the first music video filmed on live television.

Stefani performed her new song, “Make Me Like You,” at a soundstage in Los Angeles as Grammys unfolded across town at the Staples Center. The music video included multiple sets and costume changes, featuring Stefani dressed in a Marilyn Monroe-eqse ensemble accompanied by full-bodied blonde curls and garnet-red lips. Throughout the video, Target’s logo appeared sporadically in the background.

The singer performed in front of a bar cleverly named “Blake’s,” perhaps referencing her new relationship with her fellow “Voice” co-star Blake Shelton. At one point, Stefani glanced at a tabloid with the headline “Gwen Pregnant With Alien Baby” on the cover, a nod to recent pregnancy rumors.

During the live music video, one rollerblading dancer took a tumble and caused a pile-up of other falling skaters. Twitter users questioned whether it was Stefani who fell or one of her doubles.


“Make Me Like You” is one of the tracks on Stefani’s upcoming album “This is What the Truth Feels Like,” which is set to debut March 18 and marks the singer’s third solo album.

During last year’s awards, Target teamed with Imagine Dragons for a similar promotion. The band performed live on a circular red bull’s-eye stage.

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