Andra Day, Alabama Shakes and Gwen Stefani got the biggest bounce out of their exposure on the Feb. 15 Grammy Awards telecast, according to Nielsen’s survey of music sales and radio play last week.

Day reaped the greatest benefit, with a 429%  spike in total album sales. The singer didn’t receive any awards, but she was nominated for both best R&B album and best R&B performance and with Ellie Goulding performed “Love Me Like You Do” from “Fifty Shades of Grey” on the CBS live telecast.

Stefani, who performed a four-minute live music video during a commercial break in the Grammy telecast, received a 275% rise in total album sales, and Alabama Shakes saw a 239% spike in total album sales. The group was nominated for four awards and took home three, including best rock song, rock performance and alternative music album for their work on “Sound & Color.”

Among the highlights of Nielsen’s survey:

  • Alabama Shakes saw a 170% spike in overall artist streams following the Grammy cast.
  • Andra Day was the second most-streamed artist overall following the ceremony with an 82% spike.
  • Kendrick Lamar, who won five trophies, saw a spike of 67% in overall artist streams.
  • Alabama Shakes took the lead in post-Grammy terrestrial radio play with a 56% rise in overall radio airplay, beating out Kendrick  Lamar, Taylor Swift, the Weeknd and Adele.
  • Lamar followed with a spike of 47% in terrestrial radio play.
  • David Bowie saw a spike of 10% in overall terrestrial radio play following Lady Gaga’s tribute on the Grammycast.

(Pictured: Gwen Stefani)