Adele has a voice that barely needs a microphone, but it was marred by an audio glitch at Monday night’s 58th annual Grammy Awards.

While she was performing emotional ballad “All I Ask,” her mic cut out early in the song. From there, the audio appeared to continue to falter, with viewers taking to social media to point out the issues.

Recording Academy president Neil Portnow addressed the audio snafus after the show, citing issues with the onstage piano while speaking to reporters on stage.

Portnow said that in the process of lifting the piano onto a satellite stage, a microphone inside the piano dropped, which caused the clanking sound heard over the broadcast. They tried to correct it by going to a backup system, which caused the feed to be lost for a second.

“To Adele’s credit, she killed it, she did a fantastic job, the pro that she is,” Portnow said. “That was all an issue on our behalf. Kenny (Ehrlich) asked that we make that really clear to everybody.”

As for Adele, the “Hello” singer took the mishap in stride, saying that she was treating herself to In-N-Out Burger because of the incident and brushing it all aside by saying “s–t happens.”

Andrew Barker contributed to this report.