While many celebrities, including Demi Lovato, Uzo Aduba and Anna Kendrick, praised Beyonce’s album and visual project “Lemonade,” others in the industry didn’t take to it so well.

Azealia Banks and Iggy Azalea slammed Beyonce for certain aspects of her sixth studio album, taking to Twitter to voice their concerns.

“Just six months ago you told every black girl in the industry to ‘bow down’ now you want to stick up for black folk lol,” tweeted Banks. “Queens are supposed to lead, they don’t step on the spirits of  the girls who came after them then to just try to take that same spirit,” Banks said in another tweet.

The lyrics in “Lemonade” have sent fans abuzz since its release Saturday night. One line in particular from the track “Sorry,” in which Beyonce sings “He better call Becky with the good hair,” sent fans on a manhunt to find “Becky.”

One fan took it a step further, calling rapper Azalea a “Becky.” Azalea did not directly criticize “Lemonade,” but she did address her concerns over the “Becky” comment.

“Don’t ever call me a Becky,” the rapper tweeted in response to the fan. “Generalizing any race by calling them one stereotypical name for said race. I personally don’t think is very cool, the end,” she tweeted to another user.

A Twitter war ensued between the rapper and fans after they called her out on using the name in one of her songs.

Banks and Iggy Azalea were not the first to sound off on “Lemonade.”

Piers Morgan wrote an article in the Daily Mail in which he said “the new Beyonce wants to be seen as a black woman political activist first and foremost.”

He received considerable backlash from celebrities and fans who said he and critics missed the point of the album.

Beyonce is set to kick off her “Formation” tour Wednesday night in Miami.