Aretha Franklin took center field to perform the national anthem at the Detroit Lions-Minnesota Vikings game on Thanksgiving Thursday.

Clad in her trademark fur coat and wearing a Detroit beanie (her hometown), the Queen of Soul sat down at the piano and embarked on a soulful rendition of “The Star Spangled Banner”

A soulful, but long, rendition of “The Star Spangled Banner.”

When she played her last note, the song clocked in at 4 minutes and 35 seconds.

Twitter had a field day with song’s length, as did the game’s broadcaster, CBS, who put up the following graphic.

The graphic showed not only the Vikings’ and Lions’ time of possession, but also Aretha Franklin’s.

Check out some of the funniest Twitter replies:

Sports anchor Rich Eisen simply wrote, “Aretha, for the win.”

Dan Graziano also showed his respect, posting, “Aretha Franklin is pretty far up at the top of the list of folks who can take however long they want with the national anthem.”

NFL reporter Mike Garafolo added, “Aretha out there trying to sing the Anthem for all three games. Love it. Let’s play some ball now.”

Sports columnist Allen Trieu added: “Aretha Franklin is doing a ball-control national anthem. It’s all about clock management everyone.”

Pirates pitcher Jameson Taillon quipped, “Thankful Aretha Franklin doesn’t sing the Anthem when I pitch, pretty sure I would have to go back to the pen and warm back up.”

Others chimed in with Thanksgiving-themed humor.

B. Miller said, “I cooked my whole turkey, ate and did the dishes during Aretha Franklin’s National Anthem performance.”

Willie Mo’ added his own turkey joke, tweeting, “But nah the turkey gone be done before Aretha Franklin done with the National Anthem.”


The Ringer joked, “13-hour Aretha Franklin concert. Leave it on through dinner.”

Victor Martinez even imagined this dialogue:

Strombone joked, “I was able to do all my Christmas shopping while Aretha sang.”

We agree with The Pride of Detroit, who wrote “Aretha Franklin for every national anthem ever.” She is the Queen, after all.

Watch Aretha’s rousing rendition below or click here.