Several Hollywood figures jumped to weigh in Saturday morning after Donald Trump and Mike Pence supporters called for a boycott of the Broadway musical “Hamilton” in defense of the vice president-elect.

Pence attended the musical Friday night. There he was booed by the audience, and addressed directly by the cast at the end of the show. Trump tweeted Saturday morning demanding that the cast apologize to Pence who, he wrote, was “harassed.”

The account @TheGOPReport summarized the call in a tweet that reads, “Completely inappropriate for the cast of #Hamilton to address Mike Pence like this. Not the time or the place. Time to #BoycottHamilton.”


Some, like “Westworld” actor Jeffrey Wright, pointed out that “Hamilton” tickets are very difficult to get.

“#BoycottHamilton? Good luck with that. Tickets are already sold-out past President-elect Troll’s impeachment,” he wrote.

“Omg #boycotthamilton is a thing. As if it’s not sold out for the next two years,” wrote Michelle Visage, a member of the “RuPaul’s Drag Race” judging panel.


Others, like comedian Patton Oswalt, joked that the movement might be an opportunity to score a ticket.

“You know what? I support #BoycottHamilton,” he wrote. “I hope it intensifies — especially during the first week of March, maybe that Sunday matinee?”

Jillian Michaels tweeted, “For everyone who is going to #BoycottHamilton my family, friends, & I will fall on the sword & take your tickets. #wegotyou”

Still others, like comedian Matt Braunger, compared the movement to others that have backfired.

“Ok, #BoycottHamilton, a sold out show, and protest at Starbucks by buying Starbucks. You guys bristle at accusations of being stupid, but…” he wrote.

“Teen Wolf” star Charlie Carver wrote, “If #boycotthamilton goes anything like the @Starbucks ‘boycott’, I think Hamilton can expect a lot of ticket sales 😂”

Carver also tweeted at “Hamilton” creator Lin-Manuel Miranda, Hey @Lin_Manuel – what was the name of that musical about the fraudulent for-profit “university”? Oh, right. They called it #boycotthamilton.”

John Legend chimed in, “If #boycotthamilton goes like #boycottbeyonce I’m gonna start #boycottjohnlegend. S— seems lucrative.”