Maris Curran’s “Five Nights in Maine” opened to a small, intimate crowd at the ArcLight Hollywood, Tuesday, bringing out the film’s leads David Oyelowo and Dianne Wiest.

With “Maine” being Curran’s first film, Oyelowo used the premiere to tackle one of Hollywood’s ailments that is closest to his heart, the lack of women directors.

“I simply can’t understand how the population of this nation is 51 percent female but it’s not reflected behind the camera,” said Oyelowo. “I think women bring something different than men behind the camera. They are more open to emotionality and more keen to investigate that.”

“Maine” follows Sherwin (Oyelowo), a young African-American man reeling from the tragic loss of his wife, who travels to rural Maine to seek answers from his estranged mother-in-law, Lucinda (Wiest), who is confronting guilt and grief over her daughter’s death.

Oyelowo said, “Just being in a scene with Dianne was a masterclass in giving yourself over to the material.” He added, “Much of what we did was emotionally painful and we would leave scenes like we left bits of ourselves behind.”

A major part for Wiest getting into character was Curran’s writing. “I think Maris expresses so much that cannot be expressed and I feel when I watch the film, she does the same thing with us, with Maine and the rainfall. It’s her gift.”

“Five Nights in Maine” opens in select theaters August 5.