On Wednesday night, being beyond fabulous was obligatory to gain entry into Leicester Square’s Odeon for the world premiere of “Absolutely Fabulous: The Movie” in London. Drag queens by the dozen littered the golden carpet, blinding fans with sequin reflections and glistening full body latex — a scene that made star and scribe, Jennifer Saunders, and partner in Lacroix-covered crime, Joanna Lumley, look shockingly under-dressed.

To date 2016 has proved a grim year for celebrity survival. So it was joyous news that Kate Moss’ reported demise, having drowned in the river Thames, never to pout again, was merely the plot for the film.

Quarter of a century on from its small screen conception, what made here and now ripe for the resurrection of faux fashionistas, Edina Monsoon and Patsy Stone? Producer, Jon Plowman, was on hand to explain the team’s simple, killer push. “Part of the reason we did this was, ‘Hurray, they’re all still alive!’ I mean, quit while you’re ahead.”

The question of if the characters could still be relevant, 25 years on, was on everybody’s plumped lips. Just before running indoors to let the champagne good-times role, Saunders mused on theoretical casting for a younger-years prequel. Who would she want as a youthful Patsy and Edina? “I think Lena Dunham would play me and Amy Schumer would play Patsy,” she announced.

Jane Horrocks, Dawn French, June Whitfield and Julia Sawalha proved to be all still kicking, as they joined helmer Mandie Fletcher, to enjoy chats along the media gauntlet. Elsewhere, media juggernaut Rupert Murdoch appeared slightly less impressed with the fabulous fun, while he was led quickly along the golden path by the hand of wife, Jerry Hall.

Like cameo confetti, Kylie Minogue breezed about the carpet along with singular Spice Girl, Emma Bunton – both dressed in fitting glamorous get-up. One fan was overtly keen to join in with an alternative interpretation of the flashy theme – shamelessly stripping off her top aside the cameras and busy carpet – for all to see.