Dean Devlin on ‘Stargate’ Reboot: ‘It’s to Let Us Finish Telling Our Story’

Stargate Movie

Reboot to kick off a feature trilogy that was always planned but never completed

Two years before “Independence Day” blasted the doors off the box office, Roland Emmerich and Dean Devlin were already exploring alien life with “Stargate.”

The film went on to gross almost $200 million worldwide and spawned three live-action spinoff series, which ran for a cumulative 354 episodes.

“At the time that we made it, every single studio in Hollywood had told me that science fiction was dead,” Devlin recalls. “And Roland and I really love science fiction, so I think that’s partly why it worked and resonated. It wasn’t a cynical attempt to try and make something that was crowd-pleasing.”


Independence Day: Resurgence

Roland Emmerich Waited to Make ‘Independence Day: Resurgence’ Until VFX Could Match His Vision

Despite “Resurgence” being Emmerich’s first official sequel, “Stargate” was initially conceived as part of a trilogy, Devlin says, “and because of what happened with the rights and changes at the studio and all kinds of strange things, we never got to do parts two and three.”

Now the duo are in active development on a reboot movie being produced by MGM and Warner Bros.. The film is being penned by “Resurgence” writers James A. Woods and Nicolas Wright, and is intended to kickstart the franchise that Emmerich and Devlin always hoped to create.

“It’s not a story that can take place 20 years later. So the only way to really tell that trilogy is to go back from the beginning and start the story all over again,” Devlin says.

Following the original film, MGM retained the rights to the property, and the TV shows were produced without Emmerich and Devlin’s involvement. Now that the pair are back on board, the franchise will sidestep the continuity of the series, but not because of sour grapes, Devlin insists.


roland Emmerich Imprint Ceremony

Roland Emmerich: Hollywood’s Soulful Master of Disaster

“It was taken away from us, and it’s tough to have your children raised by other parents, even if they do a very good job. … For us, it’s not putting down what has been done. It’s to let us finish telling our story.”Jonathan Glickman, president of MGM’s Motion Picture Group, recalls that when he ascended to the position in 2011, the property “had been dormant and, for lack of a better term, it had played itself out at that moment.”

In the company’s discussions about revitalizing “Stargate,” Glickman says, it was decided that “the only way to really give a boost of adrenaline and give the franchise the rebirth that it deserves was to bring back Roland and Dean.”

As for how their plans have changed over the past 22 years, Devlin says the only difference is the scope. “Today, studios tend to not think of movies as trilogies or sequels (but) as cinematic universes,” he points out. “So as we’ve been developing it, we found all these avenues that allow it to expand. The foundation is exactly the same as what we wanted to do, but now the possibilities are much wider.”

Emmerich’s Plate is Heaped High

Roland Emmerich’s slate ranges from a war drama to sci-fi thrillers. He’s always in demand, so his slate is often in flux, but here’s what’s on the docket at press time:

  • “Stargate” – Emmerich is teaming with long-time writing partner Dean Devlin for a reboot of his career-making 1994 hit, “Stargate.” Nicolas Wright and James A. Woods are on the project as writers. Says Emmerich, “It took very long for ‘Independence Day,’ so it will probably also take equally long.”
  • “Battle of Midway” -“I was just drawn to this battle because America was just a total underdog and I’m just in awe of the bravery of these young pilots,” Emmerich says. “And yes, they won the battle, but what was the price?”
  • “Confluence” – A futuristic thriller about the blurring line between human and machine; Emmerich is producing, with John Robinson Irwin directing.
  • “Maya Lord” – A feature film based on John Coe Robbins’ novel telling the fact-based story of Gonzalo Guerrero, a Spaniard whose shipwreck in 1511 led to adventures with the Mayan people in colonial Mexico.
  • “Emergence” -An alien-invasion film containing hot-button science elements, produced by Emmerich’s Centropolis Entertainment. Emmerich will helm and produce.
  • “Rise” – Centropolis is keeping details of this thriller set on an Arctic dive ship under wraps. Wright and Woods are scripting. Emmerich is producing.


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  1. Aleksis Michael says:

    lets be honost, they were pissed, but also lets be honost, they are far more famous for what mgm did, and for that they have far more chances and abilitys, mgms actions made them far more influencial and expanded thier “trillogy” beyond what it oculd have attained by syndicating it and createing over 17 years worth of tv shows with it and lets be honost they mixed in alot of Robert Jordans work into it, which was a great sci fi fantasy mash up mixing of worlds

  2. paul says:

    Yes a reboot would be great but how about starting something new with the series like they should do a show before the ancients where ascended and how they came to be and how and what led to their own down fall I think that would be kinda cool

  3. Alec Johnson says:

    I will throw money at them for an Atlantis reboot, as I’m sure every fan would. C’mon!! Give us what we want, Universe was horrible. It’s 2017 for crying out loud. I’m dying lol

  4. I really enjoyed the movie, but I think in this year it might not relate as much, or people would expect bigger explosions or something versus a good story, I hate cliffhangers, an would have liked to seen where they were going with SGU but I agree they spent too much time on earth and personal drama, instead of meeting new cultures expanding their knowledge of the universe, Atlantis I think was more showy then SG1, but I have enjoyed all the series. I don’t know how I feel about the possibility of a new trilogy. They give the analogy of someone else raising your kids, well you can’t abandon those kids at whatever age they are and should continue from that point or after. A world has been created, you can’t erase our memories and start over.

  5. Morgan says:

    They need to make several movies based on all three series, atleast one to finish of the SGU series the ending killed me, and since Atlantis has a worm hole drive thatt can take them literally any where there has to so much more that can be done with that series, maybe somehow someway collaborate with the Destiny, so many options, just something, something really good, the scope of where the stargate franchise could go is endless and the void needs to be filled.

  6. Deji Oye says:

    I’m getting tired of this. I hope this franchise doesn’t die. It has the potential to build a cinematic universe like star wars, Marvel, DC and star trek. I even prefer it to Star wars and Star trek because of its root in our existing reality. It is big. That watery door way opens the opportunity to explore every piece of scientific theory ever conceived by the human mind and build stories around it, absorb technology from it, and watch our civilization evolve and upgrade thanks to it. And the best part, the world will be able to relate through the process. It is surely stupid to let this thing die. Do whatever you have to do to make something happen. Please!

    • paul says:

      Yes I agree with you the stargate series where amazing I hope they do come back and I think it would be sweet if they did a back story from the original show like 20 years later today showing how much the improved with the program and technology that they recovered from the A ancients

  7. Tiziri says:

    Stargate SG-1 and Stargate Atlantis are my favorite series ever (Stargate Universe was indigestible for me). And Stargate, the movie, is my favorite movie.
    In my opinion, we can’t love the series and hate the original movie, that’s senseless because the movie is the spine of the series, it’s reason of being. I’m like all the Stargate fans, I hope everyday to read somewhere that my favorite series will continue, if possible – of course – with some actors/characters of the previous series and the story where it was stopped : After the Ori, Atlantis on Earth ? A return to Pegasus ? The Wraith in Milky Way ? New enemies ? New Allies ? Another end for the Asgards ? … I dream everyday of how the continuity may be.
    It was harder to make a series based on a single movie, now the possibilities for a continuity are huge, I think I am not the only fan who’d rather prefer a sequel for the series than a reboot of the first movie even if it was good.
    Please don’t waste money to ruin the good movie and the amazing series, it’d be better to spend it to create a sequel for the series, thus you’d respect the great works of the Stargate team and the dreams of the hopeful fans :)
    Stargate deserves better than a rehash, don’t you think so ?

    • Geek008 says:

      I agree with your points completely. I also look out for news about some aspect of the franchise continuing. To this day I still imagine ways that SGU could have played out. I rewatch the whole franchise every couple of years to keep the story fresh in my head. I do not think that they could even make another version of Stargate at this point. That opportunity to me, just seems to be long gone. Furthermore the idea of money being spent to re make what has already been so well received and loved by so many fans sickens me. I do sympathise with the original writers and their position but I was a huge fan of the original movie, SG1, SGA, I even enjoyed SGU quite a lot and of course Continuum and Ark of Truth. I would not watch any kind of reboot simply on principle. It is just not right in my opinion. I understand their desire to redo the series in the image they originally wanted to present it in and that is their right to do if they want but is there even a place for it now?

      Lastly, a lot of people loved the Stargate Franchise and still do, the people who watched will very likely continue to watch it if the story is continued. We still want more. What about us? Sure you could remake your viewer base with unbiased people who have not been affected by the Stargate Franchise but the new series will still have this negative aura hovering above its head as people resent that they never got the finales that they so desperately crave.

  8. Mark says:

    SG1 and Atlantis were hits because they took a simple concept and made the best use of it. Think about it, a literal universe of possibilities. SG Universe, threw that all away, by having the crew stuck in the same location with the same people, and barely made use of the vast scope, the Stargate provides.

    A reboot is lazy and safe, from the producers point of view, but fans won’t be won over and you won’t get another three series out of them by crapping all over the existing canon.

    • paul says:

      Yes maybe we should start a petition or something to get producer’s to recognise what a huge fan base they have and with the technology they have available today the shows will and would be amazing

  9. Alkpaz says:

    Sounds like what JJ Abrams did with Star Trek.. no, just no.

  10. Daniel Jackson says:

    This is dumb. First, you lost the rights to your sequels. Shut up. Second you write HORRIBLE movies and I don’t want to see what you will do to this franchise. Third, the sheer world/universe building in the shows was spectacular. There’s a great story line there one that does not have to be ignored in any subsequent movies. You don’t have to use the same acts. You can set it in the future. You can do so much. But why get ride of 12 years of canon. It makes no sense.

    • Mark says:

      Couldn’t have said it better. when will Hollywood stop with these cowardly unimaginative attempts to scrape a few bucks out of desperate fans?

  11. ionutjugravu says:

    Even if it starts from the begining they should do this movie at least as good as the previous(franchise:sg1,atlantis,universe) was,an adventure sf movie.I realy hope that they will do it

  12. I’d honestly rather a direct sequel to Stargate Atlantis (ignoring the horrible story arcs of SGU). They could guest star some of the old favorites and lead a whole new story.

    • Julien Boudreau says:

      Agree. The city is just sitting there on earth, just throw in a new team with a few familiar faces and take it on an adventure. They could do literally anything with that… though Id like the adventure in the Pegasus galaxy to come to a conclusion at some point.

  13. Murk Fletcher says:

    I don’t understand what people see in the spinoff series. 3rd world crap cinematography, cheap special effects, poor costumes etc.

    • lolozilla says:

      Stargate Universe was getting good and deserved a continuation.

      • Deji Oye says:

        I couldn’t agree with you more. It was my favorite in all 3 series.

      • lolozilla says:

        Like what options? Possibly the most fascinating thing around going to new corners of the Universe is the mystery around them and possibilities of strange unknown life. I’m glad SGU was slower (it was intended to be a 5-season story), darker and more mature about that. Most of the viewers didn’t like it cuz they were typical sci-fi geeks and virgins that enjoyed the funny stupid childish action in SG1/Atlantis.
        I agree, season 1 had probably too many fillers but the second half of season 2 went really good. I hated the one thing you liked, the mind stone stuff seemed more like pseudoscience fiction and a lame means to distant communication and melodrama situations. I also didn’t really enjoy the Lucian Alliance plot. Other than that it was the best made of the three shows, the concepts, the (unfinished) story, the realism, the FX, the sound, the direction, the space scenes, the acting.

      • Passing Stranger says:

        It doesn’t have to be ‘funny stupid sounding aliens’. There are a number of different options they could have tried. They decided to go for a darker, grittier type of series but, in my opinion, it didn’t work. It just made the series very slow and boring. I did like the concept of being able to swap minds with someone using the stones but that didn’t really lead anywhere. I still think it was a wasted opportunity and obviously the viewers thought the same, otherwise it wouldn’t have been scrapped so quickly.

      • lolozilla says:

        Yeah, so what did you want, funny stupid English-talking aliens like in SG1/Atlantis? Maybe if you are 12. The mystery around present or absent aliens was one of the things that made it good.

      • Passing Stranger says:

        Stargate Universe was lucky to last as long as it did. It had such a good opportunity to investigate a completely new universe yet spent the majority of the 2 seasons either on the spaceship or on earth. It also introduced very little with regards to new alien species.

        It started off very poor with a member of the crew getting on there solely because he won a competition, and continued to go even further downhill from there. It was dire and deserved to be cancelled. A totally wasted chance of expanding on the other 2 series.

  14. Andrew says:

    Fans need more Stargate tv and movies i loved SG1, Atlantis, Universe and movies. Give us more it has been to long.

  15. Jim Davis says:

    Emmerich, I think you are going to ruin the original with hokey acting that is going to make me pull my big toe nails out with a pair of channel locks to make me feel better about myself for watching it. Your science was way off with Resurgence. There is 354 episodes of TV to tell the rest of the story of Stargate. Whatever you are doing to the script, just stop now. I only pulled one toe nail out for Resurgence. Technically, I was thrown out of the theatre for having a fifth of Vodka with me and not the screaming from the toe nail extraction…mostly from the people I was sitting next to. Roland, let’s have some drinks so I can talk you out of it.

    • Murk Fletcher says:

      Let’s just hope he’s learned from his mistakes and that he won’t be repeating them in the new trilogy.

  16. Mark says:

    Definitely excited for a Stargate reboot. The original film was a bit weak at times, but still excellent overall and very imaginative. The imagination behind it is what impressed me most, and I’m intrigued to know where that creativity original planned to lead the script.

    I love SG-1 and Atlantis, but hope they plan to deviate a fair amount from the shows. I have little interest in seeing them retread old ground that was already tread so superbly. Show me something new. Worst case scenario, it’ll be awful and I’ll still have the old. Best case scenario, it’ll be a magnificent mystery unfolding before me for the first time…and i’ll still have the good old stuff. But if they try to stick too closely to the shows, well…I just don’t see how they could do it better. That seems like a disaster waiting to happen.

  17. tscchope says:

    Yes, I knew the original Stargate movie was intended to be part of a trilogy. Emmerich and Devlin pitched their ideas to MGM for films 2 and 3. MGM passed. Instead, MGM wanted to develop a TV series following on from the first movie and asked Emmerich and Devlin to be co-showrunners. Emmerich and Devlin declined.

    Emmerich do not have the right to make the two films they had originally conceived. They can present their pitches for the two films to the Studio. As 22 years ago, the Studio may turn them down.

  18. Wagner says:

    I think the problem is money then we should get us fans to do a crowdfunding for the movie

  19. Rick Battaglia says:

    New stagnate movies and hopefully new episodes are 100% better than no Stagnate. I am sure millions will jump for the opportunity is have new stagnate in their lives. Give the fans the chance to choose. Not every episode in any of the original series’ were great but all were watch by the fans. In fact they were highly anticipated each and every week. We (true fans) want more stagnate now. Lets get it started.

  20. jason says:

    the original story sucked in comparison to the series im a big stargate sg1 fan and stargate Atlantis fan and the newer movies blow the original away if you remake it based on the original you will loose alot of fans and piss alot of people off face it they did it better than you leave it be

    • therealeverton says:

      1. In your opinion.

      2. It’s their story. They get to tell it, finally, and have every right to do so.

      3. Those people who prefer the original story AND/Or those who like other AND those who have never seen either but like the look of the trailers get to have a film series they wan to see You still have the ones you liked and THEY get ones they like and to see the story they saw actually finished.

      • Dave says:

        1. In your opinion.

        Correct and in the opinion of nearly all Stargate fans. In short, if they deviate too much from the tv series which IS Stargate now and always the movie will flop so hard there will NOT be a sequel at the theater. That is simple fact. Look at Ghostbusters if you’re confused.

        2. It’s their story. They get to tell it, finally, and have every right to do so.

        No one cares. I am so glad George Lucas was pushed out of the Star Wars universe. That guy completely flopped the universe with the prequels. It was absolutely embarrassing for him. Gene Roddenbury was FINALLY pushed out of Star Trek and the series got better and better and the new movies are arguably great. Both had great ideas and were f’ing idiots. Also, they sure do have every right to do so and we have every right to vote with our feet. We will watch their movie go down in flames and then, maybe just maybe, a few after we will get what we the FANS want. If you don’t cater to your audience, then you clearly don’t get it and should be fired. It is a business.

        3. Those people who prefer the original story AND/Or those who like other AND those who have never seen either but like the look of the trailers get to have a film series they wan to see You still have the ones you liked and THEY get ones they like and to see the story they saw actually finished.

        You can’t snub fans of the show and expect your movie to succeed. The fans will ensure it torpedoes long before it even reaches the big screen.

  21. naz says:

    Hey what happened to LOST IN SPACE

  22. Jean Francois Beaulieu says:

    Why a reboot of Star Gate .love the show . Why not do a sequel general Carter succeed to retired general O’Neil. Teak is the leader of the jaffa with his son and his mentor. Daniel continue his research and writes books on it under another name.
    New enemies are showing up instead of Goaul.

    • therealeverton says:

      You seem to have misread the article. It has nothing to do with the TV show and it IS a sequel. They are completing the ORIGINAL trilogy, but because of the time that has passed and Kurt Russel and James Spader have aged, they have to redo the first film and THEN they can tell parts two and three.

      It’s the completion many who went to the cinema back in 1994 have waited 22 years for, as the TV show took the story in a totally different direction.

      • Dave says:

        Wrong. After 3 spin off series, one with 10 seasons, another with 5 and a third with 2(?), coming in a rebooting is a land mine looking for a moron to step on it. Their original story…is irrelevant. Period. If you snub the fans of the show, you fail on the big screen. Period. There is no argument, its fact. It has been proven so many times it is sad that you still think that way.

        The ONLY way they will be able to pull it off successfully, without using a hand a lantern on it time travel twist like Star Trek did, will be to, at the very least, tie in the tv show understanding of what Ra was and the basic premise of the show. Anything short of that fails horribly and they will never be able to make another Stargate movie again.

        No one cares. Tough sh*t. That was 22 years ago. If they don’t incorporate the show’s premise, it fails.

  23. victorhugobrazil says:

    Ignoring the TV series that kept the concept alive is simply disrespectful to the writers, actors and most of all, the viewers who invested time watching these series in the first place. This is simply laziness, they just watch the TV series and then create a new chapter. Reboots and remakes should be outlawed already.

    • Mark T says:

      As a viewer of the film and the series, I’d quite happily see the series scrapped. It was fun for the first… two seasons, if that, and then descended to utter crapdom. The characters were changed around and their personalities shuffled into oblivion, and the plots made no sense. I’d be more than happy for an excuse to see the films made as originally intended and pretend the series never happened.

      • Murk Fletcher says:

        Couldn’t agree more. Only kids love the TV series because their tastes and senses haven’t matured yet. There’s also a chance they’ve been influenced by all the other Syfy-type crap out there up to the point that they can no longer distinguish good cinematography from bad.

        Much like what’s happening with music. Poorly produced but highly branded and commercialized music flooding into Spotify etc. from every angle, brainwashing our children into believing “this is what music is all about”.

    • therealeverton says:

      Your comment reads as though you haven’t read this article at all.
      The TV show has nothing to do with this. The TV show does not follow the story of the ORIGINAL film, the TV show is the reboot. This is merely telling the original story in the only feasible wa given the age of the original cast now.

      • lolozilla says:

        Lol, so everyone is using the term erroneously, but only you have the real knowledge of it. Maybe you should rewrite the wikipedia page and so.
        You are the one obtuse, you are the one that only sees the differences and say that they count more than the core story. People are different too, we only see their differences but they all have the same 99% of their DNA.

        Not only there’s a stargate in a military base, but:
        – there is O’Neill, Jackson, Sha’re, Skaara;
        – a soldier team passed through it to an alien desert planet;
        – they find the alien that pretends he’s a god;
        – the alien had come to ancient Egypt;
        – he was using a human body as host; the form in the movie only appeared as few (more or less imaginary) seconds before the explosion (hieroglyphs are not really relevant) and could be just the host form before the human one; whether that’s what it was meant to be by the first creators or not; but they gave the rights to MGM so deal with it; the real shape of the alien was like less than 0.1% of the problems dealt with in the movie; could’ve been any shape for all we knew;
        – he used people as slaves and brought some of them through the stargate;
        – he prevented them to become educated;
        – people rebelled and buried the Earth stargate;
        – he used the sarcophagus to heal and keep his body young over centuries;
        – he used Naquadah for technology;
        – he can make glowing eyes and that weird Goa’uld voice;
        – his soldiers use those automatic helmets;
        – they also had the staff weapon, the ring teleportation device, the glider ships, the pyramid mothership that used pyramid landing bases like on Earth;
        – the team helped the people uprise, killed Ra and Jackson stayed behind with Sha’re;
        All of these facts were real and happened from the series’ point of view.

        So any further attempt to call the series a reboot and not a sequel (or at least spinoff) is just trolling.

      • therealeverton says:


        Deliberately obtuse.

        Dude nothing about any of our likes or dislikes affected the original creation of the Stargate story and the trilogy it was perceived as. Simple as that.

        Reboot means many things, it’s a catch all erroneously used to describe many things. For instance what is happening here is that the original Stargate film is being remade so as to facilitate the completion of a trilogy that, because of time passing, cannot reasonably be finished just by going to film 2. Just as if they had never made any but the first Star Wars film, but wanted to make the exact story of Empire and Jedi, they’d likely “remake” / “reboot” A New Hope and go from there, rather than recast just for the 2nd & 3rd parts. You can make a meal of that all you want, but it is that simple and is exactly what the producers have said.

        The TV show does NOT as others have explained to you, follow in a single way the story that was to come next, more to the point it changes every important of the story except that there’s a Stargate. The Alien is completely different…They retconned who the main antagonist was on a fundamental level. They changed its empire and soldiers. They changed the motivations of the humans both on Earth AND on Abydos.

        But hey if you think Making Darth Vader a robot, The Emperor not a Sith and the Empire secretly protecting this Galaxy from an even more powerful force in a neighbouring galaxy doesn’t alter Star Wars much good luck to you.

        Your opinion has been note.d.

      • lolozilla says:

        It seems like it has all to do with what you like (or don’t like) and the adversity against the series. I watched the series years ago a few days after the movie and those differences existed but not like a deal breaker. I already explained some of them. The series itself was often annoyingly inconsistent from one season to another: the three times zap, the sarcophagus, the Goa’uld/Jaffa helmets, toughness, etc, all forgotten. But it continues / expands upon the story of the movie. That makes it a sequel. A sequel is not necessarily what it was “meant to be”, it’s what it is. Or at least a spinoff.
        A reboot recreates the entire story from the beginning. That is not the case of Stargate SG-1, which DOES take into account that the core story of the movie happened. So clearly you either don’t know what a reboot is or you are intentionally and PERSISTENTLY tendentious.

      • therealeverton says:

        @ Lol. Your argument is predated on at least false assumption. It has nothing to do with what ANY of us like, it has to do wit the story as it was written. (leaving details of when aside) The Star Wars Trilogy is the tale of the Skywalkers, and Anakin’s Redemption. The Godfather Trilogy ids the story of Michael Corleone (mostly, and the Corleone family).

        Now you can write a TV series about Star Wars where you chose to follow Han Solo, ditch mos of the Jedi stuff and so on. You can also make a TV show called The Godfather that has nothing to do with Michael (he dies in episode 1 even) and make 150 episodes of each and garner tons of fans. That make NEITHER one the ACTUAL , creator envisioned, originally plotted / sketched, trilogies /stories that were to be told.

        NONE of Stargate, good, rubbish or indifferent that has been on TV has anything to do with the trilogy that was originally meant to be filmed. It is that simple. The TV shows are “elsewworlds”, or alternate realty, tales based on the Stargate Premise, but with wholly different concepts and a completely different alien antagonist at its core..

        These are not minor changes, the are wholesale differences to the themes, focus and characters in the film. Effectively names and plot devices are all that remained.

      • therealeverton says:

        @Darrell Kitchen
        Exactly as I would say mate.
        They didn’t follow the story as it was written at all. The completely changed the alien species the film was based around. They changed Ra’s Empire entirely. They disposed of the idea of reintegrating, or not, the ~”lost humans” of that planet. and so on.

      • LOL says:

        @Darrell Kitchen,
        Changing a number of things to fit into the extended universe of a tv series doesn’t mean it’s not a sequel. By almost every definition of the sequel, Stargate SG1 is a sequel of the movie. I could name more obvious inconsistencies and retcons that happened along the show itself (including Atlantis) than that. Yes, the Goa’uld are not named but they said they used humans as hosts. It’s a 2h movie. Obviously the series had time to add many more details and background to the story, like the serpant parasite.

        Anubis and Horus from the movie had the same name but were different characters than the system lords Anubis and Heru-ur in the series.

        Also, you couldn’t expect to have movie stars on a low-budget Canadian(-ish) show, especially at that time.

      • LOL says: “Yes, they followed the film. What different direction? They continued with the Goa’uld and stuff based on what happened in the film. That is what you call a sequel, whether you like it or not, whether you liked the series or not.”
        I got some bad news for you, LOL, but there was never a mention at all of Goa’uld, or the word ‘Goa’uld’ in the original movie. The word parasite was used only one time in script, and never after. The images they showed of the invading ‘Ra’ alien had a humanoid shaped head with eyes, a mouth, and a bump for a nose I’m assuming had holes to breathe, and looked nothing like a snake or worm-type of parasite … Even when they killed Ra, his visage reverted back to a humanoid shape, not a snake or worm-type parasite.

        So, while the movie may have used props similar to the original movie, it was not the same, nor was the direction the same. In fact Anubis and Horus was even killed in this movie, where they were still alive in SG1. Go figure. So, no, they did not follow the film. And, yes, it went in a different direction. More like, off on a tangent. Heck, even Sha’uri’s name is even pronounced, and spelled differently (Sha’re). Yes, they did use two of the same actors from the movie (Skaara — Alexis Cruz, and Kasuf — Erick Avari) but that’s it.

      • LOL says:

        Yes, they followed the film. What different direction? They continued with the Goa’uld and stuff based on what happened in the film. That is what you call a sequel, whether you like it or not, whether you liked the series or not.

      • therealeverton says:

        *SIGH* No it didn’t follow the film as it took the story in a totally different direction. It did NOT follow the story as it meant to go.

        Star Trek into Darkness and Star Trek TV Episode “the Space Seed” both follow the young crew of the Starshiip Enterprise, as led by Kirk/ Bot have them encounter Khan and both feature many of the same characters. They are wildly different stories.

        The TV is NOT in a single way, that I am aware of, a genuine continuation of the original Stargate story (Principal characters names and two major locations excepted). Therefor the CREATORS and those of us who spent the present day equivalent of over $400m (Pre Russia and China being box office of any note for starters) finally get to see the story we wee waiting for told.

        The T show was bonus that ~SO~ME people liked, some people love, some people hated, but regardless was NEVER a real continuation of the original story. Anymore than Sherlock, however brilliant that show is, is a direct continuation of Conan Doyle’s tales.

      • Andrew says:

        Actually, the TV show DID follow the movie in that the pilot episode took place after the movie and kept the theatrical events as cannon. They reference the movie many times throughout the series.

  24. Davnjay says:

    I wish, and i was filthy stinky rich , id do it my self,,, but star gare universse, the best of the tv series definitely needs to be rebooted and penned for the after hibernation of the crew…
    Iv watched it 5 times, amd i can say honestly iv not watch 5 episodes of anybother stargate series…

  25. Lisa A. says:

    Well they’ve been talking about wanting to do a reboot for years. They’re not going to do SG-1. So you can just get right over that idea. I’ve read the books from the 1994 movie. There were five of them. And they were pretty good. So if they go in the original direction, based on the original movie, then this should be good. You guys do know they never ever had anything to do with SG-1 right?

  26. PHILLIP MOSS says:

    Tolkein wrote 1 book, the publisher broke it into 3 parts. I’m sure I’ll see it regardless, but the series was fun.

    • therealeverton says:

      You get the salient point, illustrated by much more than a few words about Lord of the Rings right?

  27. Hey here’s an idea! why don’t you create something new instead? you know create?

    • therealeverton says:

      Have you read the article? IF so you totally fail to understand what has happened. They DID CREATE! They created Stargate and never got to finish it. They are simply finishing it. You’re having a go a Tolkein for writing the Two Towers and Return of The King/.

      Think of it this way. The Last Airbender is a three “book” story. Now somebody took that story and made a garbage book one. If the creators of that story want to tell it on the big screen (which they do) they would HAVE to “remake” the first film in order for the final two films to fit and make sense and the characters to be the correct age etc. They wouldn’t be lacking originality, or creativity, they’d be finishing their own story in a way that made sense.

      This is what has happened here. Stargate was over 20 years ago and, thanks to the TV shows, which DID NOT continue that film’s story, the creators have to take their ORIGINAL work and redo part one, in order to tell parts 2 & 3 properly.

  28. Cristina Panei says:

    I’m sorry, but why is Hollywood continually remaking movies now? Are they truly running out of ideas for films? No wonder the children of this generation are so uninspired and have no imagination, everything is repeated. There is nothing new for them to discover.

    • therealeverton says:

      If you look around the world at ALL major film industries for over 100 years and remakes and adaptations are their life blood. It isn’t new, it isn’t Hollywood and it isn’t about lacking ideas. (mostly).

      Also when you look at the article you’ll see that isn’t what this is about. It isn’t looking at remaking something (although some of the best regarded films of all time are films remade by the “original” creators) it is about finishing a trilogy and the best way to do it.

  29. Török Gergő says:

    Why are you not making Extinction?

  30. C says:

    Took you guys long enough. We are waiting anxiously!

  31. Jinx Tocious says:

    Scale of 1-10 I rank the original movie a 5. I rank SG1 and SGA both 8. SGU ranked 4. Bottom line the TV shows were BETTER. The movie was a depressing tone, while the better mix of humor and action made the tv shows fun to watch. The tv shows had better sets and scenery for the most part and all I remember from the movie was sand and a few dark rooms inside the pyramid.

    The tv shows had a better mix of women and people of color on both sides. It was groundbreaking to have scientist Sam doing cool stuff every episode. The tv shows had a better story. Pretty hard to root for a suicidal soldier who took a nuclear weapon to blow up an alien world. The original Jack ONeill needed HELP, not a mission. The only thing the movie did better was Ra.

    I think they are in for a rude awakening if they plan to repeat the first movie three times. Stargate became the juggernaut it is specifically because they lost control.

    • Thomas Spear says:

      The original movie was more like a 7 for me for the originality of the plot. The TV shows were better, with SG-1 getting a 9 and SGA getting an 8. SGU only got a 2 from me though. The plot and characters just didn’t cut it for me. I barely finished season 1 and didn’t finish season 2.
      I agree with you about the suicidal soldier part and that they better not repeat the first movie, though.

  32. My guess is that fans of the series and people that write and read fan fiction are way more upset at this than the actors, writers and producers of the television series. Most significantly Richard Dean Anderson. The realism of the show in those characters would not work now, because they are all too old to actually do what the characters need to do in the show. It is my take from being a fan and following the blogs and websites, that the fans enjoy the actors over the characters and anyone else but RDA, Michael Shanks, Amanda Tapping, and Chris Judge will not satisfy them. I own the series box set and binge watch a couple times a year, but I understand that the movie and series are not the same.

  33. Shax says:

    It’s true that SG1 and Atlantis…etc had brilliant cast I mean Mcguyver with he’s jokes and Samantha Carter, what a lady. But this universe series was only possible thanks to the Stargate Movie. I remember when it came our and the time/era the world was at. Personally I loved the film and became a fan of it and because of it a fan of the series however it would be an insult (looking through the comments) to say you don’t want the movie done by its original maker, that’s just stupid. I wanna see where Emmerich takes it. I didn’t know he’s name until Independence Day and just to get the sequel right he now made part 2 because it was now Possible! Also for those who say eeaahh it’s gonna ruin the series and stuff just like some idiot said about Poltergeist new movie and here’s what I have to say about it. Don’t watch the new movie of Stargate if you don’t want to, it won’t make difference to the box sets of series in your house. I am loving the thrill of new material and even the name Stargate coming back and Emmerich wanna do a Trilogy – good on u man, go for it! Im in for the ride! I’ve watched the Poltergeist reboot but no way beats or effected the original – untouchable! Karalaan! Ok I stop here.

  34. Rob says:

    No, I will not watch the new movie. I was as angry as any of the other fans when the series were cancelled, along with the movie. I’m not surprised, mind you, given how all companies operate. But this is one reboot I will resent.

    As for ‘the property had been dormant’? Any casual Google search disproves that comment.

    For my part, “dormant” is what the new movie should be, and my time and money will not go to those who let me down before. “For the love of Stargate” or “you can just look at the new movie as a seperate continuity, while watching the series” as reasons don’t hold water.

  35. David says:

    I’d rather the TV series continue

  36. Goam says:

    Sorry, but TV did it better, there just isn’t any way a single movie can do nothing but make so many Stargate proper(TV) fans get upset.

    • roxics says:

      The original movie was very good though and I really liked the TV series as well. It was my favorite movie and TV show for years. But just because the TV series came along, doesn’t mean it ruined the movie and the same will be true when the new movies come along. You can have both and enjoy both even if they are totally different. The Stargate TV series aren’t going anywhere, you can watch them and enjoy them anytime, even if they make 100 bad Stargate movies in the future.

  37. Gary A Kelley says:

    I’m willing to give a view of the movie when it comes out to see how they did/what direction they wanted to go. But they have some mighty big shoes to fill. Can I look at it objectively as something different from the series? I can try. But if it’s not as good, I won’t watch the third. Hell depending on what I hear about it I might not watch it if the plot synopsis sounds weak. But I’ll try to give it a go. I did really enjoy the movie so I’d like to give them some benefit of the doubt, even if it’s not the story I grew to love.

  38. dalinacristina says:

    I won’t watch any Stargate without a Samantha Carter in it!

  39. Presumptuous Insect says:

    Stargate the movie was dull.

    I want Rodney. I want Ronon. If they don’t reference SGA I will skip it.

  40. Erik Rupp says:

    Stargate SG-1 and Stargate Atlantis were both better (by far) than the original Emmerich/Devlin movie. The movie was good, but those shows were great, and they took the basic world of the movie and expanded on it and made it better. Much better.

    • ChrisF says:

      They had 15 seasons to develop the universe and the characters and the stories. If you took the first 2-3 eps of SG-1 and looked at them in isolation they’re not much beyond the movie.

      Note – I love SG-1/SGA – my absolutely favourite TV

  41. Andrew Falconer says:

    Hopefully the reboot of the Stagate movie will be more detailed and more complete than the rather sparse 1994 movie. It was good, but it was too minimal to watch more than once. The concept of “leave them wanting more” was overdone with the original Stargate movie. They need some more dialogue and more characters who converse with each other in the movie to give it some depth this time.

  42. MH says:

    I hate reboots.
    From this to Ghostbusters, I absolutely hate reboots. But having said that, I have to think back to the SG1 series and the introduction of the Quantum Mirror; a device that can access various alternate realities. I will always see the original movie, SG1, Atlantis, and SGU as the prime universe. This new trilogy of movies would be, to me, an alternate universe that can be accessed through a Quantum Mirror.
    Will I still watch it? I don’t know.

  43. Megan Bento says:

    Well, I mean… I’m going to watch it. I love Stargate. I watched the movie with my dad (completely uninterested to start… how quickly that changed!) and I knew he had all the seasons that had been completed on DVD so as soon as we finished the movie, I asked “Can we watch the series?” I was about 12/13. We marathoned the entire series in a course of a few weeks and it was amazing.

    I know that Stargate was originally theirs. SG-1 was based off of their movie but… it’s SG-1 that gave Stargate that success and it’s going to hurt pretending that SG-1 just… doesn’t exist in this new version of Stargate (cause it’s the old version… but it’s new?) plus, I will forever cry over the cliffhanger status of Atlantis. I never got completely into Universe but I heard it started getting really good by the time it was cancelled. But… Atlantis (Rodney, along with Daniel ofc, have always been my absolute favorites)!

    And then there was the cancelled final movie for Stargate that I’m going to forever cry about because it was exactly what I had wanted. I’m sure I’ll enjoy this… but it’s not going to get me as invested and in love with it as SG-1 and, eventually, Atlantis did.

    Plus this means no Sam or Teal’c!! How can you have a Jack and a Daniel with no Sam or Teal’c?! Anyway, I’m sure it’ll be good, but I don’t expect it to own my soul like SG-1 does.

    • Gary A Kelley says:

      Are you sure you don’t mean the cliffhanger of Stargate Universe? That was the only cliffhanger I know of really.

    • Erik Rupp says:

      Cliffhanger status of Atlantis? They wrapped most everything up in that final episode. The one criticism of that episode was that they crammed too much in that one episode to bring the show to an end. It’s still a really good episode, but there wasn’t really any true cliffhanger there. Just many possible directions for the future – which is true of most shows when they end, even if they get a final episode. (Did B.J. and Hawkeye ever get together back home, or did they live out their lives on opposite coasts without continuing their friendship? After MASH didn’t answer those questions…)

  44. Cynthia Huebscher-Scott says:

    This will be “Stargate D.O.A.” as far as I’m concerned. I have HAD it with reboots and re-imagines, as well as with Emmerich’s infatuation with mass casualty over the top disaster destruction.
    Brad Wright, Michael Greenberg, and Jonathan Glassner told the Stargate story for ten years and 213 episodes, plus two spin offs (one of which REMAINS in “cliff-hanger” status) and two movies. My family and I were there for the whole ride. Cos-play, Gate-cons…DVD boxed sets. I have NO desire to see all of that invalidated by a Devlin/Emmerich reboot.
    I’ve had it with Paramount’s mangling of “Star Trek.” I have no intention of seeing “Star Trek – Beyond,” I hope Universal’s BSG reboot rots in development hell, and I’m not the slightest bit interested in ID4 “Resurgence.” Get some new ideas, please. To paraphrase Devlin, this is a cynical attempt to try and make something crowd-pleasing. You’d think MGM would have learned after the dismal reception to “The Man From UNCLE.” Some things are best left as they are. Devlin & Emmerich missed their opportunity. Too bad.

  45. Chris says:

    I think they need to finish Stargate Universe first before anything.

  46. I’d like to respond to this quote: “Jonathan Glickman, president of MGM’s Motion Picture Group, recalls that when he ascended to the position in 2011, the property “had been dormant and, for lack of a better term, it had played itself out at that moment.” ”

    Dormant only from your eyes, perhaps. There is a HUGE fanbase for the 3 TV series, and I’m still waiting for the promised SGA movie and an actual finish to SGU. We the fans were screwed due to the bankruptcy going on in 2009. There is a very active fanfic community, an ongoing books series, and there were some great audio dramas produced. Sure, everyone seems to be into the reboot thing. And the movie is what pulled me into SG-1 to begin with. But if the reboot of this ends up being very dark and grim, like the reboot of Battlestar Galactica was, then count me out in watching it.

  47. bcjammerx says:

    Reboot? How about just coming out with the last two movies? I’ll watch it, just PLEASE do not follow the current trends and just focus on making a GOOD movie…no lens flare, explosion happy, weak character development, cgi abusive “action film” *vomit…we sci fi fans aren’t low brow you know. The original looked GOOD, I HATE cgi, it NEVER looks real. I can count on one hand after a firecracker accident the number of movies with good cg. Hopefully these guys won’t stray from their original production style…PLEASE

    • bcjammerx says:

      The tv series actually changed a LOT, like how the aliens actually looked and how they took over a body and how there was more than one alien to fight. I was very disappointed with them being “slugs” but I still loved the sg series, wish they finished sg-u.

      It may tell a similar story, finding allies and fighting many aliens…or it might be different…depends on which of the tv series elements were added to prolong a tv series and which were part of the original story I guess.

  48. MaryLu McFall says:

    Whatever you do I will be watching; loved the original movie, totally was with the tv series and miss the original stories. However, a trilogy ought not to be a tack-on to the original movie, but ought to take an audience further out into the unknown. Just don’t take forever to develop; I’ll be 80 this July.

  49. sally says:

    The 3 Stargate shows covered *so* much, what can Emmerich and Devlin hope to present that the TV shows didn’t already cover?

    For me, this reboot will be an alternate reality Stargate. They were the creators, but now they’re just (trying) to cash in on what the TV shows made endearing and so, so loved and long-lasting. I think they’re bitter it did so well…

    • bcjammerx says:

      The tv series actually changed a LOT, like how the aliens actually looked and how they took over a body and how there was more than one alien to fight. I was very disappointing with them being “slugs” but I still loved the sg series, wish they finished sg-u.

      It may tell a similar story, finding allies and fighting many aliens…or it might be different.

  50. It would seem to me that fans of the Stargate SG-1 series could not have a problem with the Trilogy – what with the seeming abundance of alternate universes that appeared in that series! And there was even a “retelling” of the pilot episode (“Children of the Gods”) when scenes were redone for a special edition, as the producers figured the story had been told wrong. To me, that would not be a reboot, but I digress.
    Come on! It’s about time to let the original movie’s universe continue with the Trilogy, and please don’t mess with the storyline of the original movie. Don’cha think?

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