German actor Max Riemelt has cemented his success as a star at home and is now establishing himself as major talent on the global stage.

The 32-year-old Berlin native — currently in Mexico shooting season two of the hit Netflix series “Sense8” from Lilly and Lana Wachowski and J. Michael Straczynski — shot to fame in Germany in Dennis Gansel’s 2004 World War II drama “Napola” (Before the Fall).

After a decade of primarily German films, Riemelt made a major splash last year in the global sci-fi drama “Sense8.” Riemelt says he was initially in awe of the big names involved in the production, “but once you get to know each other you notice that language barriers and different mentalities are not real obstacles and everyone ultimately has the same goal: to make a fantastic project together.”

He next stars in Cate Shortland’s psychological thriller “Berlin Syndrome,” about a one-night stand that turns dangerously obsessive. And after toplining Dominik Graf’s acclaimed 2010 TV crime series “In the Face of Crime,” Riemelt is again teaming up with the director on “Golem: The Return,” a science-fiction thriller based on the Jewish myth about the creation of artificial life that explores “questions of responsibility and morality toward people and the environment.”
Riemelt describes Graf and Gansel, with whom he has also remained a loyal collaborator over the years, as “important companions on his journey to becoming an actor.”