Steven Rumbelow, a writer-producer-director of film, television and theater, died of sepsis Feb. 27 in Toronto. He was 66.

With a career spanning more than four decades, Rumbelow was introduced to the entertainment industry via London’s theater scene in the early ’70s. The English native went on to direct over 150 stage productions, the most notable of which was an adaptation of Christopher Marlowe’s “Dr. Faustus” that he debuted in 1971 and continued to tour with around the world until the late ’90s.

Within the realm of television and film, Rumbelow was best known for the paranormal documentary series “Beyond” (2005-2007), which he created, directed, produced and starred in. He also directed and wrote the screenplay for the 2009 sci-fi thriller “Autumn.” Two of his later feature film projects, “The Summoning” and “Over the Edge,” are slated to launch at Cannes Film Festival this spring. Additional film and television credits include “King Lear” (1976), “St. Joan” (1978), “Ghosts” (1998), “Queen City Blowout” (2003) and “Covenant” (2012).

In recent years Rumbelow and his wife ran independent production company Renegade Motion Pictures.

Rumbelow is survived by his wife, Rachel, and two children, Dick Tolson and Svea Rumbelow.