Screen Gems just released the trailer for “Underworld: Blood Wars,” the fifth film in the horror-action franchise.

Kate Beckinsale returns as vampire death dealer Selene, as does Theo James’ David.

“Underworld: Blood Wars” appears to be a true sequel, unlike the third film “Rise of the Lycans,” which served as a prequel for the entire series.

The trailer’s first half isn’t actually new; it’s a flashback composed of shots from the previous films. Viewers then learn the premise of “Blood Wars”: the Lycans (werewolves) and vampires are STILL at war (what else is new?), but this time Selene’s blood may hold the key to victory, hence the title.

Selene’s look hasn’t changed much since her 2003 debut — black leather bustiers and overcoats. Neither has the noir shooting style, even though “Blood Wars” has a new director in Anna Foerster, the franchise’s first female director (“Blood Wars” is her feature debut).

Late in the trailer, a different Selene emerges, with white blonde highlights and fur coat (it’s unclear if the fur is Lycan or some other animal). Check out the trailer below. “Underworld: Blood Wars” debuts January 6, 2017.