‘Tickled’ Doc Subjects Confront Creator at Premiere, Accuse Him of Lying

Tickled Documentary
Courtesy: Erin Ashby/Twitter

Two of the subjects of the documentary “Tickled” aren’t laughing.

During the film’s Los Angeles premiere Friday night, David D’Amato and Kevin Clarke accused the co-director Dylan Reeve of using recorded material that they had not agreed to.

Magnolia Pictures released video footage of the altercation on its Facebook page. In one video, D’Amato and Clarke question Reeve inside the Nuart Theatre, during the Q&A portion of the premiere. In another, they stand outside the theater surrounded by a group of people holding up cameras to capture the argument.

“The point is if you promise that something is off the record, it should be off the record,” Clarke tells Reeve during the Q&A.

The documentary itself is also, as Variety critic Dennis Harvey wrote, “no laughing matter.” Its catchy hook — a journalist investigates an online tickling-video ring — ends up resembling more of a psychological thriller as he uncovers a world of conspiracy and ruined lives, run by an operation disguised by anonymity.

David Farrier, the film’s other director who is also the journalist at the center of the documentary, was not at the Los Angeles premiere, but posted a transcript of the live stream on his Facebook page.