Legendary chairman and CEO Thomas Tull has come on board to produce the doc “K-9,” which revolves around the intense world of dogs in law enforcement and the military.

Ten-time Emmy winners Jonathan Hock and Greg Kohs will direct.

With today’s evolving security threats, the use of highly trained dogs working in conjunction with military and law enforcement personal has become an important combination on both the modern battlefield as well as in the daily work of domestic law enforcement. The documentary will explore the unique relationship between combat, bomb-sniffing, search and rescue and security dogs and their human handlers, telling their stories.

Tull will also finance the doc.

“In the action and sports documentaries I’ve directed, the key for me has always been to unlock the larger meaning behind the action by illuminating the humanity of the characters,” Hock said in a statement. “With half of our characters in this film being dogs, that’s a challenge that has been doubled for us. But we’ve discovered that the depth of true emotion in these amazing animals – the love, courage and sacrifice that we hold as the most noble attributes of human beings – are expressed with unmistakable power. ‘K-9’ is an action-adventure, a love story and a war story all rolled into one.”