The Asylum, the production company for the “Sharknado” franchise and Syfy’s “Z Nation,” is launching a new animation division with “Izzie’s Way Home,” starring Tori Spelling and Joey Fatone.

“I think it’s a very natural progression,” said CEO David Rimawi. “Our in-house VFX department is used for creating many, many sharks and robots for our live-action films, so animating creatures for a film like this just makes sense.”

“Izzie’s Way Home” centers on a picked-on aquarium fish who escapes her yacht home, unaware of the dangers that await in the open ocean. With the help of other misfits, she learns how to brave the perils of the sea and how to be true to herself.

“We are extremely excited to be a part of what is going to be a quantum leap in terms of animation production,” said technical director Ron Thornton. “‘Izzie’s Way Home’ is a really fun project that has attracted a great team of young artists and technicians from all across the U.S. We are totally re-designing how to make an animated movie at not only the artistic and technical level, but also to create a whole new production methodology.”

“Izzie’s Way Home” is set for a May release domestically on DVD as part of the Asylum’s partnership with Cinedigm.