Sumner Redstone’s legal team has entered into settlement talks with the media mogul’s former companion, Manuela Herzer, according to sources familiar with the discussions.

Viacom executive chairman Philippe Dauman and Sumner Redstone’s daughter, Shari Redstone, were originally scheduled to be deposed on Tuesday and Wednesday, but those depositions have been postponed while talks between the parties continue. No new dates have been set. Discussions between the legal teams began a week ago.

The 92-year old Redstone’s health has reportedly been failing. In February, he stepped down as chairman of both Viacom and CBS, two companies he had long controlled. In late November, Herzer filed a petition in Los Angeles Superior Court, saying that she had been improperly removed from Redstone’s Beverly Park home and supplanted as his health care agent. Dauman, who replaced Redstone as Viacom chairman, has been charged with making decisions about Redstone’s health.

Herzer, 52, claimed that the change was forced on Redstone by people around him and that she was the one that he truly wanted to oversee his care. Attorneys for Redstone argue that he was mentally capable when he ejected Herzer. They contend that the health care claims are part of a campaign by Herzer to have herself reinstated in his will.

A spokesman for Viacom and an attorney for Herzer declined to comment. Redstone’s health issues and legal battles have captivated Wall Street. He maintains tight control over both CBS and Viacom and the issue of succession has been a burning one in investment circles.

The Wall Street Journal first reported that talks were taking place.