LONDON — Carrie Fisher took to the stage at Star Wars Celebration Europe at the ExCel Centre in London with advice for her newly minted “Star Wars” cast members.

“I told Daisy not to go through the crew like wildfire,” she said. “I told the boys too. I also gave the cast advice on doing press: ‘You don’t have to be funny, you just have to say what it is like to be merchandise.’ That’s not a euphemism.”

“The Force Awakens” saw Princess Leia become General Leia as she led the Resistance against the evil First Order. By the end of the movie, she sends Rey (Daisy Ridley) to bring back the prodigal Luke Skywalker (Mark Hamill), teeing up ‘Episode VIII.”

“The character was more worried,” she says. “You worry about people coming back from battle. It’s way too much responsibility. I would like to be worried and funny. I would like to send them off with a tap dance.”

In “The Force Awakens,” she is reunited with her estranged husband Han Solo (Harrison Ford), and, in one of the film’s most talked about moments, learns her son Ben Solo, now going under the name Kylo Ren (Adam Driver), has killed the love of her life.

“Han and I had a volatile relationship,” she said. “We have space estrangement. We had a child who turned out to be Hitler. You’d feel bad if he turned out like that. I did spank Adam (Driver) when I first met him.”

“You feel like a camp reunion,” she continued about sharing the screen with Ford again. “Harrison and I just look a little melted.”

[SPOILER ALERT] Asked a question about the events between “Return of the Jedi” and “The Force Awakens,” Fisher started to say “Han’s funeral…” then stopped, prompting internet speculation that this is an “Episode VIII” spoiler.

A member of the audience asked if Leia will take a “new lover “in “Episode VIII.” “God, I hope so,” she said. ”I don’t know. I wear a huge dress. Maybe they will add it in post.”

For a franchise often surrounded by reverence, Fisher proved happy to puncture the mythos, making quips about her hairstyles (“That’s my baboon ass hairstyle,” she says about her “Episode VII” hairdo), the fans (“They ask for selfies, autographs and sexual favors”), the iconic gold bikini (“George had me come up to San Francisco to show me sketches a couple of months before. I thought he was joking”), and becoming a prized collectible. (“I liked being a shampoo where you twist of my head and pour liquid out of my head,” she joked. “I’ve been licked like a stamp. I’ve been a robe.”)

Hosted by Warwick Davis, the session, enjoyed by 4,000 people, also saw Fisher try to break the world record for selfies and recreate an iconic scene from “Return of the Jedi.” She was joined in the fun by her trusty French bulldog Gary Fisher. “I really think he should get his own action figure,” she quipped.

“Star Wars Episode VIII” will open on Dec. 15, 2017.