Sable Ranch, a location boasting Old West-style buildings that have been used for countless movies and TV shows, is one of the latest casualties of a Southern California wildfire that has nearly blocked out the sun in Los Angeles all weekend.

The ranch in Santa Clarita, Calif., was destroyed by the fire on Saturday despite the efforts of dozens of firefighters, according to the Los Angeles Times. Some offices were reportedly able to be salvaged, but the set is gone.

Sable Ranch served as host to such movies as horror film “Motel Hell” and Chevy Chase’s “The Invisible Man,” as well as classic Westerns like “The Bells of Coronado.” Television shows including “The A-Team,” “Maverick” and “24” also shot at the location.

A brochure for the Sable Ranch touted its “virgin meadows and canyons seemingly untouched by human hands.”

The wildfire has burned down 18 homes in the area, and threatens about 1,500 more. One body found on Saturday night in the neighborhood was ruled a victim of the fire.

The fire, which started Friday, continues to rage on, being only 10% contained as of Sunday morning. It has consumed more than 20,000 acres and 34 square miles of land in and around Santa Clarita, north of Los Angeles.