Sandra Oh: ‘I’ve Never Had a Relationship With Big Hollywood’

Sandra Oh
Michael Hurcomb/Variety/REX/Shutterstock

It’s hard to believe that “Grey’s Anatomy” alum Sandra Oh has never starred in a big-budget Hollywood film.

“Honestly, I’ve never had a relationship with Big Hollywood and if that never happens, then f— you,” she said, flipping the bird, during an interview at the Variety Studio at the Toronto Film Festival, presented by Airbnb. “I’ve always felt much more of a heart because I felt accepted and appreciated and that there’s a place for what I have to give in independent film.”

When asked about the roles available for women, the “Sideways” actress noted the distinction between the three different Hollywood worlds: Television, independent film, and big Hollywood film.

Oh was in Toronto to promote her new movie “Catfight,” costarring Anne Heche. Oh and Heche swapped the characters they were initially intended to portray in the action comedy, which hired an all-female crew.

During the interview, director Onur Tukel challenged Richie Keen’s male-driven, bigger budget “Fist Fight,” starring Ice Cube and Charlie Day, which is being released by Warner Bros. on Feb. 17, 2017.

“I want some distributor to have the balls to buy this movie and say let’s go toe to toe with ‘Fist Fight,’ the big Hollywood juggernaut, which is great, thank god for the system and whatnot,” he said. “I want us to go against Charlie Day and Ice Cube. I’m challenging any distributor now to go toe to toe. I want to see us be released in at least 100 theaters. I want to see ‘Fist Fight’ versus ‘Catfight.'”