For his fourth time hosting the Golden Globes, Ricky Gervais started his monologue with a reference to the latest Hollywood topic, Sean Penn’s interview with drug lord “El Chapo.”

“I’m going to do this monologue and go into hiding,” said Gervais. “Not even Sean Penn will find me.” He also called the actor, whose interview reportedly helped lead authorities to El Chapo, a “snitch.”

He then set his sights on NBC, the net airing the award show.

“We’re live on NBC and it’s right that they host the award show because they are always fair and impartial,” Gervais said. “Because they have no nominations.”

He then turned to commenting on Caitlyn Jenner.

“I’ve changed…but not as much as Bruce Jenner, now Caitlyn,” he said. “She didn’t do much for women drivers.”

Gervais didn’t stint on mocking the Hollywood Foreign Press Assn., which has come under fire for being easily influenced by stars and studios. “One Hollywood publication said that me hosting would keep some stars away,” he said. “As if they’d stay away from winning a Golden Globe, particularly if their company has already paid for it.”

Gervais also brought up the controversy of “The Martian” being nominated as a comedy.

“To be fair, ‘The Martian’ was a lot funnier than ‘Pixels,’ he said, drawing boos from the audience. “Then again, so was ‘Schindler’s List.’

The comedian described exactly what he does with the three Golden Globes he has won.

“That award is — no offense — worthless,” he said. “One is a doorstop, one I use to hit burglars and the third sits by my bed because…well, it doesn’t matter what I do with it, it’s mine.” He went on to explain in graphic detail how he uses it as a sex toy.

This is the comedian’s first time hosting since 2012. Gervais’ hosting style in the past has pushed boundaries and offended Hollywood players. Gervais started early Sunday with a shirtless tweet containing some language that would never make it on the air during the event itself, warning viewers that he was ready to offend.

Watch the monologue below: