Milla Jovovich on ‘Resident Evil’ Ending, Bringing Baby to Set

Milla Jovovich
Courtesy of YouTube

Milla Jovovich is bidding adieu to “Resident Evil.”

Variety caught up with the model turned actress at the Chanel No. 5 L’EAU Dinner in West Hollywood Thursday night, where she discussed the last movie in the franchise, the appropriately named “Resident Evil: The Final Chapter.”

Despite being her sixth “Resident Evil” film, shooting “The Final Chapter” was a unique experience.

“It’s always exciting to do a ‘Resident Evil’ movie, but this time was quite special because I got to work with my daughter and I had a new baby on the shoot,” Jovovich explained. “So it was a real family affair.”

Jovovich and her husband, Paul W.S. Anderson — who directs his wife for the fourth time in “The Final Chapter” — welcomed their second daughter Dashiel Edan in April of 2015. Filming commenced in September of that year. Their eldest daughter, Ever, plays the Red Queen in the film.

“Ever loves acting and she was really incredible,” Jovovich said with pride. “It’s amazing as a mother to see her as a professional, enjoying being on set, memorizing lines; and with the baby it was just surreal. I’d be covered in blood and fake dirt and have zombies walking around. I’d be nursing a baby on a little pink blanket in this destroyed post apocalyptic background, so it was hilarious. The zombies would come up and say, ‘Oh, she’s so cute.'”

Despite having played Alice in the franchise for 15 years, Jovovich isn’t ready to say goodbye to the character yet.

“I feel like at the moment, I’m kind of in the middle of it in a way,” she explained. “My husband is just finishing the edit and is just starting to do a little bit of press. I’ll feel it in a couple of years. Normally, it’s two or three and we’ll make another one. I think in a couple of years I’ll say, ‘Wow, I really miss Alice and I miss that franchise.’ But for the moment it’s still all very present.

Jovovich’s next role will be a total departure from Alice.

“I like true stories. Actually my next film that I’m doing with Rob Reiner is based on a true story about reporters that were trying to tell the truth about what happened after 9/11,” she said. “I’m playing the wife of one of the reporters. I got a chance to talk to her and we Skyped together. It’s incredible to feel like you’re doing justice to a character that’s still alive. I can speak for her and allow a little glimpse into her personal life.”

But before that, Jovovich will make one more trip to Raccoon City.

“Resident Evil: The Final Chapter” has a release date of January 27, 2017