Matt Bomer, Danny DeVito, Michael Douglas, Kirsten Dunst, Cuba Gooding Jr., Dennis Haysbert, and Bryce Dallas Howard will all be part of the fifth annual Motion Picture & Television Fund’s “Reel Stories, Real Lives” event on April 7. Adam Scott of “Parks and Recreation” is set to host.

“I know that over the first four years, anyone who was in the room was moved to become engaged with the mission, which is a testament to the legacy of MPTF,” said Ken Scherer, CEO of the MPTF Foundation.

For almost 100 years, the MPTF has been providing programs and services essential to the well-being of individuals, their families and the industry community at large. The actors will take the stage to tell stories written by industry members who have benefited from the services from the MTPF in the past years.

Last year’s event included Lizzy Caplan, Tony Goldwyn, Tobey Maguire, Alessandro Nivola, Mira Sorvino, Kevin Spacey and John Stamos.

“What makes life incredible, and … what makes storytelling incredible, is that the moment you hear a personal story — whatever your situation is — everything falls away because you identify with somebody’s experience,” said Spacey of the event last year.

Caplan, as a first time attendee last year, said that the organization’s Hollywood Helping Hollywood theme was incredibly important to her.

“At the end of the day,” she said, “I really believe that this community will take care of me when I need them to.”

The event is open to members of the entertainment community. To inquire about tickets, email events@mptf.com.