Employees at PMK-BNC have been hit with a server outage that’s prevented them from receiving or responding to emails all day on Wednesday, Variety has learned.

“I need the industry to know there has been a global server problem,” Cindi Berger, the CEO and chairman of PMK-BNC told Variety. “It’s been an epic headache for our publicists and not a pretty picture. The global operations manager, based in Omaha, has been trying to fix this. I have been assured that emails will be up within the next couple of hours.”

PMK-BNC, one of the top publicity and marketing firms in Hollywood, is owned by Interpublic Group, which houses the email servers.

Berger said that once the emails return, publicist will be able to access the ones that they received during the outage, enabling them to respond to their clients. The emails went down at around 10:30 a.m. ET on Wednesday morning.