CANNES — After a keeping a low profile for over a month and canceling publicity for “Julieta” in the wake of the Panama Papers leak, Pedro Almodovar addressed the scandal during a press conference hosted at Cannes where the pic is competing.

Almodovar and his brother, Augustin, were named in the Panama papers as having created an offshore outfit in the 1990s.

“My name and my brother’s name are some of the least important names in the Panama papers,” quipped the Spanish director. “If it was a film, we wouldn’t even be extras. The Spanish press has cast us in leading roles. There are so many names and there hasn’t been enough investigation yet,” he added.

Almodovar also spoke about his preference for being in competition, in contrast with other high-profile filmmakers such as Steven Spielberg and Woody Allen.

“Since I’m in Cannes, I find it more interesting to play in competition, for myself and also for the media,” said Almodovar. “I’m not a sacred cow yet. I don’t have the level of directors who have their films play out of competition.”