David Brent is back … and he’s as awkward as ever.

Ricky Gervais’ famous character in “The Office” got a music video as part of the pitch-perfect promotion for the BBC show’s movie spinoff, “David Brent: Life on the Road.” Gervais returns as the failed middle-manager whose delusional rock star aspirations take him on a concert tour across the U.K.

In the music video, Brent has fallen in love with a “Lady Gypsy.” In the film, “Lady Gypsy” is the single for Brent and his band Foregone Conclusion’s new album, “Life on the Road.”

“I lost my heart to a lady gypsy, so long ago I forget her name. But I still remember the smell of the flowers, the way my life would never be the same,” he sings.

The folk ballad opens to Brent strumming a guitar while leaning against a tree. While the first verse captures Brent falling in love at first sight — “I spotted an angel just standing there. She was a traveler but she was pretty and clean” — in true Brent style, things get uncomfortable in the second verse.

“I said, ‘But to be clear then, the sex is free, yes?’ She said, ‘Yes the sex is free, but the heather is a pound,'” Brent sings, after asking the woman if she’s a hooker.

“David Brent: Life on the Road” hits theaters in the U.K. on Aug. 19 and premieres on Netflix next year.