Actors Nicole Kidman and Casey Affleck appeared on the fifth season of Variety and PBS’ “Actors on Actors” series, in which they discussed Kidman’s upcoming film “Lion” and its heavy themes surrounding adoption.

Kidman notes that her role in the film was a good fit for her, as she was able to draw from her own personal experiences in adopting two of her four children. The actress portrays Sue Brierley, an Australian woman who adopts a lost child from India.

“I have adopted children, so obviously … that was probably the connecting tissue for me,” Kidman says.

Affleck revealed he was pleasantly surprised with the film, particularly regarding the maternal motifs presented throughout.

“The movie seemed like it’s just a story about people, and didn’t have any message or wasn’t so heavy-handed with any one idea in there,” Affleck explains. “… It just stirred up all these ideas about adoption, and all of that was sort of on your character and you handled it so well because you understood the complexity and that decision.”

Kidman and Affleck’s interview will air during the fifth season of the Emmy Award-winning series on PBS SoCal KOCE, presented by The Venetian Las Vegas. The new season debuts on Jan. 3. Click here to view the full interview