DC Comics celebrated the 75th anniversary of Wonder Woman at New York Comic Con Oct. 7, beginning the day with the unveiling of the new Wonder Woman postage stamp and finishing it with a panel of comics creators who are currently working on the character.

The panel saw the announcement of a new crossover between “Wonder Woman ’77,” a book that continues the adventures of the Wonder Woman depicted in the TV series starring Lynda Carter, and another book with ties to classic TV, “Batman ’66.” “Wonder Woman ’77” writer Marc Andreyko and cover artist Cat Staggs were on hand for the announcement.

Also there was Greg Rucka, the current writer of the character’s flagship series, who said he believes he’s taken the reins of the book at a crucial time in the character’s existence, just as the publicity machine for the upcoming Warner Bros. film kicks into high gear.

“Everybody in pop culture knows who she is, but nobody knows who she is,” he said of the character. “It might just be because Gal Gadot came in and stole a movie away from those two other guys, but I think we’re at a moment of cultural emergence for her.”

A previously released trailer for the film, due in June 2017, screened during the panel, which had the crowd screaming enthusiastically.

Also on hand were Jill Thompson, author of the newly released “Wonder Woman: The True Amazon”; Shea Fontana, writer of the popular “DC Super Hero Girls” series aimed at younger female readers; Yanick Paquette, artist of “Wonder Woman Earth One”; and Jose Luis Garcia-Lopez, the longtime artist who provided the art used on the stamps.

Variety‘s Brian Steinberg, who moderated, gave a shout out to the exclusive Jim Lee drawing of Wonder Woman debuting in Variety‘s Power of Women issue, which hits newsstands next week.