A month after “Sausage Party” made a raunchy splash at South by Southwest, the Tribeca Film Festival showcased its own adults-only animated film, “Nerdland.” The Hollywood-set black comedy opened the fetival’s Viewpoints section with a starry cast — including Paul Rudd, Patton Oswalt and Reid Scott (“Veep”) — and a lot of cartoon content that’s entirely inappropriate for Saturday morning TV.

Just how inappropriate? Here are just a few of the tongue-in-cheek depravities that you won’t want the kiddies to see:

Butt cheeks caressing a stripper pole. Lube. Anal beads. A blow-up sex doll. Exploding heads. A bit of graphic disembowelment. Oh, and lots and lots of bouncing breasts.

“Animators love animating boobs,” noted Chris Prynoski, the “Metalocalypse” veteran who directed “Nerdland,” speaking at the movie’s April 14 debut at New York’s SVA Theater.

“And anytime there’s a pair of underpants, you have to ask them to remove some of the soil,” chimed in screenwriter Andrew Kevin Walker.

“They do love dirty underpants,” agreed Prynoski, who makes a cameo in the movie as a man vomiting over a bridge.

But filmmakers said there’s a point to all the edgy gags in this story of two slacker dudes, voiced by Rudd and Oswalt, who go to increasingly desperate lengths chasing fame. “It’s satirical, but it’s on point like good satire is,” Rudd said. “It’s not a preachy movie at all, but it is kind of highlighting the depths that some people go to in order to get famous.”