MovieTickets.Com Signs Deal With Canada’s Landmark Cinemas

Courtesy of MovieTickets.com

MovieTickets.com has signed a deal to provide ticketing services to Canada’s Landmark Cinemas, the country’s second-largest exhibitor.

The deal expands the ticketer’s presence in the country significantly, adding locations in western Canada, Ontario and the Yukon Territory. The deal is non-exclusive, and Landmark has an association with another ticket provider.

Cohen said that MovieTickets.com has been focused on international growth after signing a deal last year to provide ticketing services to Regal Entertainment Group, the largest theater chain in the U.S. The company said that there are advantages to having a foothold in Canada.

“It’s a great complement to what we’re doing in the U.S.,” said Joel Cohen, CEO of MovieTickets.com. “The release dates are often the same, and the marketing is very similar. There’s a lot of continuity with what’s going on domestically. It’s a natural fit.”

MovieTickets.com also provides tickets for Canada’s largest theater chain, Cineplex, which is also a shareholder in the company. It offers advance tickets for roughly three quarters of the country’s screens.

The company offers ticketing in both French and English, the two primary languages in Canada. This deal adds 45 theaters and 312 screens to MovieTickets.com network. It provides ticketing services for 29,000 screens globally.