Benaroya Entertainment has restructured management at its research and consulting firm C4 with veteran exec Ben Spergel taking on oversight of the company.

Spergel, the exec VP of consumer insights, will report directly to Michael Benaroya, chairman of Benaroya Entertainment.  Former CEO Vincent Bruzzese, who joined the firm in 2014, resigned from the firm on May 31.

“We are thankful for Vinny’s contribution during the first two years of the company,” Benaroya siad.  “C4 continues to develop and implement innovative techniques to help our clients connect content and consumers across a variety of mediums. Ben brings strong leadership skills to his newly expanded position that will help manage and grow all of our business verticals.”

Benaroya noted that Spergel is a TV industry veteran, which help growing the client base in that rapidly expanding medium, in addition to nurturing established relationships in the motion picture industry.

Spergel said of C4, “In the end, No matter where you are in the process, whether you are a writer, producer or studio executive, the goal is generally the same – to create content that audiences will respond to positively and profitably.”

C4 will also be led by exec VP of Operations Wade Young, who will continue to oversee all of the internal operations of the company.

Additionally, three managers have been promoted to director of their respective divisions: Brendan Manley will continue to oversee content assessment; Jana Barber will remain as the head of direct consumer insights, managing all qualitative work for the company; Kirsten Young will run C4’s online consumer testing, including TV pilot tests.

Spergel oversees all of C4’s research consulting and strategy business. Before joining C4, he spent seven years at Ipsos as a VP and  oversaw all business development, client service and strategic planning for TV Dailies, the company’s most profitable syndicated product.