Matthew McConaughey to Teach College Film Class at His Alma Mater

Courtesy of STX Entertainment

This fall, Matthew McConaughey will bring his Hollywood expertise and heavy Texas drawl to the college classroom.

The University of Texas at Austin announced that the actor will help teach a film class called “Advanced Producing: Script to Screen.”

Scott Rice is listed as the official professor in the online course catalogue, but McConaughey and director Gary Ross will assist. According to its description, the class will take students “behind the scenes” of McConaughey and Ross’ recent collaboration, the Civil War drama “Free State of Jones.”

“By studying the movie’s source material, script, shot lists, storyboards, shooting schedule, VFX, final cut and even exclusive behind-the-scenes footage, students will garner insight into the production of a major Hollywood feature,” the course description says.

There is a catch: the Oscar-winning actor will do most of his teaching through recorded videos, but is expected to visit campus at least once. The class is capped at 30 upper-level students.

McConaughey received his Bachelor’s degree in radio-television-film from UT-Austin in 1993.

“Matthew McConaughey couldn’t find his lecture hall,” someone named Luis Tijerina commented on the university’s Facebook page. “He was told to take a left, but he just went alright, alright, alright.”

Watch the university’s official announcement below.