It all started out as a short film by David F. Sandberg and about two years later, “Lights Out” finally premiered as a fully fleshed-out feature film, which gives a creepy outline of a villain’s backstory. Star Maria Bello voiced at the film’s Wednesday night premiere at TCL Chinese Theatre that Diana, the film’s villain, will surely be a staple in horror movie lore.

“I think people at Comic-Con will be dressed up as Diana next year. Just the way she moved her hands and shoulders I think created an entire beast. I think her creature will transcend time and will be like a Freddy Krueger or a Jason,” said Bello, who stars as Sophie.

The film didn’t rely on visual effects to make Diana, which created a more frightening environment on set, according to producer Lawrence Grey and star Teresa Palmer.

“It made my job a lot easier! I didn’t have to really act as much because the girl dressed up as Diana was petrifying to look at,” said Palmer, who plays Rebecca. “She had a whole black suit on, crazy hair — so strange and surreal, but I loved having her there.”

“I certainly have that silhouette of her imprinted in my mind. She’s a classic horror film woman, it’s very scary,” she added.

The film draws inspiration from classic horror movies to create a very real, unadulterated and timeless scare, according to Grey.

“It really brings you back to those ’70s and ’80s iconic horror films,” he said. “It’s got a little throwback thing in there. We wanted to created an iconic horror villain that could exist over a larger span of time and nobody is really doing that anymore.”

He added, “Maybe we’re the knuckleheads to do it!”