The chase sequence is a Jason Bourne staple.

Audiences who flock to the spy thrillers are accustomed to seeing the amnesiac former black ops agent scaling walls and dodging traffic while pursued by shadowy government agents across cities, mountains and even, spectacularly, along the roof of a bazaar. But that’s just a warm up.

Producer Frank Marshall promised a CinemaCon crowd Wednesday that the next installment, entitled “Jason Bourne,” will feature the greatest getaway of all.

Matt Damon’s title character travels the globe but ends up right in the front yard of this week’s movie exhibitors confab — the Las Vegas Strip — for the big pursuit. A small snippet showed cars roaring past showgirls and right into a casino’s front door. “We are staging what I think is the best Bourne chase ever,” said Marshall, “so we have that to look forward to.”

The film brings back director Paul Greengrass, along with Damon and other familiar characters and newcomers, including Julia Stiles, Tommy Lee Jones and Alicia Vikander.

It’s been almost ten years since the last sequel in Universal’s Jason Bourne series, but the next installment is coming in late July for a simple reason, says Marshall: “We wanted to get the story just right.” Marshall said at another session of the movie confab that the updated plot line will bring in elements gleaned from Wikileaks and the Edward Snowden hacking furor.

The first look offered by Universal Wednesday evening showed a Bourne just as lethally efficient, and tormented, as in previous versions, in 2002, 2004 and 2007’s “The Bourne Ultimatum.” There was a 2012 spinoff film featuring Jeremy Renner as another lethally efficient killer, that Marshall said earlier this week, will exist in the same universe as this latest sequel.

In “Jason Bourne,” our hero still flattens opponents in a single punch. Fusillades of machine gun fire slow him not a whit. But he still seems to struggle with what his work as a rogue foreign service officer all means.

The new excerpt begins with Bourne lying on his bed, brooding about his past misadventures. He encounters the CIA agent Nicky, played by Stiles, who helps agents deal with the fallout from past assignments. Bourne assures Nicky: “I remember everything.” Her retort: “Remembering everything doesn’t mean you know everything.”

It’s not only caring lady agents who are after Bourne for answers. Jones, playing CIA director Robert Dewey, tells the struggling super agent: “You are never going to find any peace, not until you admit who you really are.” Audiences will have to wait until July 29 to see whether Bourne is capable of a happily-ever-after.