Lionsgate has signed an overall deal with YouTube star Grace Helbig to develop both films and TV series.

As part of that deal, the studio is developing a romantic comedy feature starring Helbig and her YouTube collaborator Mamrie Hart. Lionsgate is also actively discussing two other films with Helbig and her team, as well as a few television opportunities.

Helbig, along with Hannah and Mamrie Hart, were named to Variety‘s New Leaders list earlier this month. The trio, dubbed “YouTube’s Holy Trinity” by their loyal fanbase, began their digital careers by shooting cooking videos and funny sketches at home.

“The name of the game right now is to keep as many plates spinning as you can in order to not drop any,” mamrie Hart told Variety for the New Leaders issue. “It feels like a year where I’ve leveled up,” Hannah Hart added.

Helbig created and hosted her own late-night talk show, “The Grace Helbig Show,” for E! last year. The trio starred in the film “Camp Takota,” and their second feature-length venture, “Dirty 30,” was released last month.

Lionsgate bought rights to the comedy “Dirty 30” a year ago. The film centers around a birthday party that goes horribly off the rails.