Following the footsteps of Berlin and Toronto, Goteborg film festival is set to turn the spotlight on TV series with a lineup of Nordic skeins from high-profile directors/producers such as Baltasar Kormákur, Tova Magnusson, Per Fly and Jeppe Gjervig Gram.

The new sidebar will also host the world premiere of three Swedish series. Taking note of the Nordic countries’ blossoming TV industry, Goteborg previously introduced TV Drama Vision, a confab dedicated to the TV industry and gathered top Scandinavian players.

“It feels like the completely right time for the Göteborg Film Festival to include TV drama in its program in a well thought-out and structured way. We’re happy that we’ve had such a strong response from the Nordic TV industry, which has made it possible for us to present a program of high international class,” said Jonas Holmberg, the festival’s artistic director. “This is a program that says a lot about the Nordic countries today, about our history and our economic and ecological challenges.”

The inaugural TV lineup comprises Tova Magnusson’s “The Most Forbidden,” based on the autobiographical novel of the same name portraying the mores of a middle-aged woman; “Follow the Money” by Jeppe Gjervig Gram (“Borgen/The Fortress”) and Per Fly (“Waltz for Monica”); “Occupied,” based on Jo Nesbø’s novel; “Trapped” (pictured above), produced by “Everest” helmer Baltasar-Kormákur; “The Red Couple;” “Spring Tide,” a Nordic Noir skein created by Cilla and Rolf Börjlind (“Beck,””Arne Dahl”); and the Thailand-set drama “30 Degrees in February” directed by Andrea Östlund, Håkan Lindhe and Emiliano Goessens.